Thursday, September 21, 2017

I hate the word Resiliency. By Geniusofdespair

It is that kind of day, sunny, hot and hateful.

Miami Beach Mayor in the Miami Herald:

"Create a resiliency commission, to be chaired by a chief resiliency officer, appointed by the governor."  (What he means: What the fuck are we going to do about Climate Change flooding already happening in Miami Beach?)

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There are certain words and phrases that make me want to scream because they are repeated ad nauseam. People say them over and over and over and then nitwits start to believe them and repeat them (sometimes not even knowing why or what the words mean).

Crooked Hillary
- Fuck that one but Crooked Trump uses it on twitter all the time...STILL. It isn't even clever Donald.
Resiliency - Code word Democrats thought up because Republicans don't like Climate Change. Call it what it is.
Rocket Man - Please let this one die quickly. I am afraid that your president likes it now, so we will be hearing it ALL THE TIME.
Memes - Started by neo nazi, naming the little jokes in their light-hearted twitter campaigns of hate and evil. The word is now embraced by the media. Let it die everyone.
ANTIFA - Stop. This is so gang like.
Perfect and No Worries - over use. Not really bad, just super annoying now.
Fake News - Should be called Fox News.
Alt Right - Nazis and racists thought it up. To rebrand white supremacists/Neo Nazi's so they sound better to the masses.
Mainstream Media - hate the term.
Obamacare - this one is probably the worst, started by pubs and embraced by dems. If it was called the Affordable Care Act, they wouldn't be so big on repealing it. Any reminder of the Black President has to go. Republicans are determined to erase him from history.

Sept. 22 ---Get over her Crooked Donald she is old news.

Words mean a lot. Watch what you say, watch what you write. It is toxic to keep repeating some of this crap because it feeds into stupid people remaining stupid. Republican talking points suck. They must get a list every morning because they all sound the same by the end of the day.


Anonymous said...

The republicans have been doing this a wordsmithing for years with good success. They all have the same fake talking points that the media repeat

Anonymous said...

How about "drive by media" that Rush Slimeball loves to use? What does that even mean?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget punctuation, crucial.

For example, a book title like the one below.

What Happened (without the question mark and Q.) and A.)

Q.) What Happened?

A.) Hillary Clinton

See what I mean? So much better with correct punctuation.

Anonymous said...

Miaim Beach relies mostly on tourism and crappy condominiums. Tourism is a dirty industry pollution wise. Majority of condominiums sold aren't even finished to meet minimum building codes. (No regulations ever pushed by the hundreds of lawyers who swarm Miami Beach government weekly). Easiest thing for Levine to do is create a diversion. Truth is, the money for Flamingo Park neighborhood streetscapes was spend already. Flooding in neighborhoods in Miami Beach is a fraud problem not a climate problem. Sewer money cannot be used for streetscapes. Streets cannot be fixed because no money exists from existing bonds which raised money to do streetscapes. I'd advise the residents to hire an expert to scope the streetdrains in the older areas that flood. Guaranteed you will get arrested along with your contractor if you attempt this even after asking the city for permission. The money is gone and the city needs to get creative. Nobody ever asked why they wanted a street level train or a convention center expansion in an evacuation zone.

Anonymous said...

Resiliency = We need another 11 million in beach sand for to protect the hotels while claiming we are protecting Collins Avenue and A1A.

Anonymous said...

Liberals made "resiliency" and "sustainability" hot topics... The Repunkicans figured out it was important to get out ahead and use the same language, but bury different meanings in the actual policy language...

Anonymous said...

The lobbyist who represents a Ocean Drive nightclub has used "resiliency" as a reason the facade of a nightclub was altered many years ago. This was documented during a discussion on R70 Amend Ocean Drive Sidewalk Cafe Design Guidelines. Basically, the lobbyists have took two weeks to use "resiliency" to defend alterations of existing buildings that may or may not have been properly approved and are now creating problems for the public.