Friday, September 29, 2017

Hialeah: Grant for Feeding Hungry Kids Turns Into Las Vegas Jaunt for Officials. By Geniusofdespair

Carlos Hernandez, Hialeah Mayor was supposed to go on this questionable Las Vegas trip but no one knows where he went instead. Of course, I have my thoughts on the matter. His calendar blocked out the whole week to go to Vegas, but he wasn't there. Could it be he is having an affair? Only his wife Nancy knows where he was and I guess we will keep it between them because the misuse of funds is more our business, isn't it, not a rumored affair?

How this ever got dismissed is beyond me.

Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez

The article was in the Miami Herald this week - by Francisco Alvarado:
Two years ago, Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez signed off on spending $7,621 from a $10,000 corporate grant for feeding poor children. Instead, the money went to pay for airline tickets and posh hotel accommodations for himself, his chief of staff, a police detective and four other city employees to attend a parks and recreation conference in Las Vegas.

News of Mayor Hernandez’s curious city spending surfaced in documents filed in a recently closed joint public corruption investigation by Miami-Dade’s State Attorney’s Office and Commission on Ethics and Public Trust.

Another strange finding: Hernandez never traveled to Las Vegas to attend the annual conference of the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) from Sept. 13-17, 2015, and his whereabouts for seven days remain a mystery.

This is the entire ethics report, scroll within the report  to see what dirtbags we have in Hialeah:

   Hialeah Mayor Vegas Report by geniusofdespair on Scribd

As Francisco pointed out, the whole damn investigation that cost a bundle led to nothing -- a back page article in the Miami Herald:
Miami-Dade Ethics Commission Executive Director Joe Centorino, a former chief of the state attorney’s public corruption unit, defended his agency’s work.

“I think the inconsistent statements by the chief of staff are pretty well laid out in our report,” Centorino said. “Yet prosecutions for perjury are very rare because it is difficult to prove. Of course, the decision to pursue it as a criminal matter is made by the state attorney.”  (Rundle failure again)

A Week Missing From Carlos Hernandez's Schedule. What was he doing? Was he with his wife Nancy at a better hotel? What gives.


Anonymous said...

Hialeah: the gift that keeps giving.

Anonymous said...

KFR's office can sleep through anything if the right politicians/lobbyist are involved!!

Anonymous said...

Let 'em go Joe on the case and you wonder why there are no prosecutions?
By now we should all be convinced that the Ethics Commission is insurance for politicians against prosecutions. One can only hope the Mayor of Hialeah, if fined, will pay in pennies again.

Anonymous said...

We need to stop everything and demand more military help for Puerto Rica. We can't allow all these Americans to suffer and die because of inaction. Even if a crazy person is President of the US, we have to take care of each other and the military is the only answer.

Ross said...

Maybe he was on the Appalachian Trail.

Anonymous said...

This misappropriated use of funds is criminal. These sleazy politicians do these things because they always seem to get away with it.

Anonymous said...

What is even the point of the ethics commission? All they seem to do is write reports that must cost us all thousands and thousands kf dollars.

Anonymous said...

To think that State Attorney Kathy Fernandez Rundle or her minions at Ethics or the Inspector General's Office will seek indictment or jail time for any prominent politician, lobbyist, consultant or contractor is totally naive. Corruption stems from above and it all starts with Rundle. Centorino and Mary Cagle of the Inspector General's Office are foot soldiers for Rundle. In this community there are no checks and balances when it comes to law enforcement and FDLE and the FBI are asleep at the wheel. Let the rats run amok that is the motto in this God forsaken sewer of a county.

Anonymous said...

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