Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Most Important Race in Miami-Dade: And only 2 Candidates Showed up at the League of Women Voters Event. By Geniusofdespair

 As a member of the League of Women Voters, I went to a meeting (great food to be had) and was able to see 2 candidates for US Congress Kristen Gonzalez and JJ Rodriguez (Jose Javier Rodriguez is too cumbersome) speak. I didn't really listen to them but they were the ONLY 2 CANDIDATES that showed up for U.S. Congressional District 27.

State Senator JJ Gonzalez with School Board Chairman Lawrence Feldman
Commissioner Kristen Gonzalez with School Board Chair Lawrence Feldman
Ileana Ros Lehtinen has decided not to run after decades in the US House and that seat is very important to Miami Dade County and the COUNTRY. There is a chance a Democrat can capture US Congressional District 27.

Democrat Kristen Gonzalez, she is a Commissioner in Miami Beach. State Senator JJ Rodriguez, a Dem, is also running for District 27.

State Rep David Richardson is running as well. I have never seen the man: EVER. Jose Javier Rodriguez has been present at the Science March and other important events I have been to in Miami.  That gives him a plus plus for me. He is out there meeting the people.

I heard that  County Commissioner Bruno Barreiro is running for the Pubs. Ouch. He is horrible!!! He is a charter member of Eye on Miami's unreformable majority.

I looked at these numbers for Richardson (JJ Rodriguez was not on the list for the State Senate):

The 10 House Democrats most likely to cross party lines, based on an analysis by The News Service of Florida. They are ranked by the percentages of votes they cast with the Democratic caucus on divided issues where the party largely hung together:

Rep. Katie Edwards, D-Plantation --- 71.1 percent (no surprise, she is a DINO)
Rep. Roy Hardemon, D-Miami --- 74.1 percent
Rep. Nicholas Duran, D-Miami --- 78.4 percent
Rep. Matt Willhite, D-Wellington --- 79.7 percent
Rep. Jared Moskowitz, D-Coral Springs --- 80.0 percent
Rep. David Richardson, D-Miami Beach --- 84.0 percent
Rep. Robert Asencio, D-Miami --- 86.4

Here is a map, are you in the District? You must vote in 2018 if you are. I am in it.

All the candidates according to Ballotpedia:
They say that the district is 72.7% Hispanic.  I wish one of these candidates would register for the State Senate seat that JJ has to give up to run. That seat is very vital to our State and so far only Manny Diaz Jr. is running.

Please do your homework in this race.

Meanwhile in the most vulnerable Republican seat in the Country, there are 3 relative unknown Dems running in Florida 26th Congressional District:


Anonymous said...

If democrats don't wake up soon with candidates that can convey to the middle class tax and medical relief that is so desperately needed, the chance of gaining seats in local, state, and federal elections looks bleak at this point.

Anonymous said...

Go JJ Rodriguez!

David Richardson was given or bought the Miami dems emailing list because I started getting spam email from him in the past few months.

Hopefully the local Dems aren't pushing him over the superior Jose Javier Rodriguez.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Roads, Jose Javier has huge support there among the leaders and members of the Neighborhood Civic Assoc and appears at our meetings, park cleanups, parades, you name it

hello said...

Rep Richardson is the ONLY member of the FL House that has taken up difficult issues that no one will touch like Prison reform and the Prison Industrial Complex. He has also taken up Prisoner rights and police reform. He has fought for civil rights and even gotten so far as to offer amendments on bills that almost made it out of Republican committees.
Javier Rodriquez has done nothing but run for higher and higher office since he first got elected. He has done nothing, achieved nothing and work for not one of his constituents. He is a non stop social climber caught with political ambition and no results.
Kristen Gonzalez was a liberal democrat before she became a racist and proponent of police brutality. http://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/miami-beach-commissioner-kristen-rosen-gonzalez-take-away-police-body-cams-give-cops-back-bullets-9389202
Rep Richardson should not be dismissed in favor of two fake liberal pretend Democrats.

Anonymous said...

David Richardson is the true progressive.