Thursday, August 24, 2017

Miami Dade County Enforcement - Golly Gee Wilikers! By Geniusofdespair

I just got a press release from Katherine Fernandez Rundle:

Miami (August 23, 2017) - As the result of a joint collaborative investigation by the (1) Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office Public Corruption Task Force (PC Task Force), (2) the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Office of the Inspector General and (3) Miami-Dade County Public Schools Police, the former Principal of the Miami Jackson Adult Education Center (MJA Center) Joey Bautista was arrested today and charged with:

• 1 Organized Scheme to Defraud – 2nd Degree Felony
• 3 counts of Official Misconduct - 3rd Degree Felony
• 3 counts of Grand Theft – 3rd Degree Felony
Okay kids, these are not even first degree felonies yet you need the resources of 3 different agencies and an informant to arrest this person?

How many Miami Dade County Law Enforcement Officials do you need to make a small arrest? Apparently too many. It takes money and time, arrest some bigger fish guys.

Miami-Dade County Inspector General Mary T. Cagle stated:
“Taxpayers should be outraged when their hard earned dollars are stolen by greedy public officials for their private gain."

I am outraged Mary, but I am more upset that you needed all these resources and spent our hard earned dollars on an investigation that might land the guy in jail for 2 years or even house arrest. With an informant this was a slam dunk to begin with. What did the arrest cost? I bet more than the $41,798.22 he is accused of stealing. Any way: over-kill.

I looked up Joey's mugshot, not sure this is him. I would bet it isn't as I am sure the Miami Dade School Superintendent would frown on face tattoos for it's principals.  Oops, here is the right mugshot. You just can't find accurate mug shots easily. What is happening to the internet?

P.S. "Grand Theft" sounds really bad but it means you stole $300 or more.

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