Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Local Politics: Miami-Dade. By Geniusofdespair

A reader asked: Why don't you write about local politics. One: None of you read the crap. Two: It is a losing battle. You keep electing shit politicians and thus, we are always writing about bad news because we can never get anywhere.

Here is a wrap up of local, lets see how many of you read it:

Francis Suarez - He will be Mayor of the City of Miami. There is no doubt about that. He is a very nice guy. I just hope he can be a leader for the people of the City. I like his mailers so far. I do not support his idea to have a strong mayor as Gimenez has made it obvious how toxic it can be. His friends continue to suck off the tit of County funds. I will vote for Francis.

Daniella Levine Cava - You might think the County Commissioner from District 8 is up for reelection this year by her aggressive campaigning. It won't be till next August. Daniella has already raised $301,309.54. All the even numbered County Commissioners will be up for reelection in August. These are non-partisan so November voting means little in these races.

In the 2018 race to replace Congresswoman Illenan Ros-Lehtinen, only Kristen Rosen Gonzalez is registered. I never heard of the other 3 candidates. I thought I would see Javier Jose Rodriguez and others but none have come out of the woodwork. In Congressman Carlos Curbelo's district 26, there are two democrats running against him: Steven Machat and Steve Smith. Never heard of either of them.

These are all the candidates registered for Governor in 2018 (you can't raise money till you register) but your PAC/ECO can be raising money hand over fist, so it is still early:

Josue Larose is a phantom candidate that registers for a lot of stuff. Out of this group I would vote for Gwen Graham.

In the last election the Republicans put a ringer Democrat into Florida Congressional District 38 to siphon off votes from Jason Pizzo in the primary. Don't be fooled again. Do not, under any circumstances, vote for the DINO Daphne Campbell in the primary. She is the worst Democrat I ever encountered. A totally awful woman, sleazy too. Tell all your friend in the North Beach Cities to vote for Pizzo.

Congressional District 115 has no incumbent. Jeffrey Solomon is there, again.

My Congressional District is 112. I will have to write myself in. I would not vote for the Democrat Nicholas Duran. I hope another Democrat enters the race. I would vote for the Republican Rosa Palomino if we had more Democrats in the House but because we are so over-loaded with Republicans in the State, I have to write myself in here. I would be a good candidate, better than Duran. But, I will not run.

Okay you wanted local - so read it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, please keep giving us local news, we appreciate it.

Oscar said...

"In the last election the Republicans put a ringer Democrat into Florida Congressional District 38 to siphon off votes from Jason Pizzo in the primary."

Who was the ringer?

Geniusofdespair said...

The Dem Gongora who knew he had no chance and entered the race on the last day. He was a tool.

Oscar said...

I wonder if there will be ringers in the 2018 go round?