Thursday, August 10, 2017

Eh! In Canada during a heatwave. By Geniusofdespair

well it is very hot here in the Canadian Rockies. It was 89 degrees yesterday in Jasper. I went swimming in 2 glacial lakes. Lake Louise I did the swim on a $10 bet. The lake here I did it on my own. It was great. Well, my $600 plus hotel room is like an oven. No AC here. I came to Canada to cool off. Hah! That didn't happen! It was cold on the glacier but no where else. All the grass is brown. Not enough rain. The tour guide said the pine trees are dying off because of a beetle infestation. She said they once died off in winter's cold but, alas, it is never cold enough for them to die off so thousands of acres of red pines exist. That is dead pines in case you are bad at making the translation -- red means dead.

Canadians believe in climate change. They see it.

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