Sunday, July 16, 2017

Why is Donald Trump Tweeting Instead of Going to Church Today? by Geniusofdespair.

37 minutes ago is about 10 AM. 4 hours ago is about 6 AM.  Would someone please go in his room and tie those little hand together so they can't type.

Why why why is he STILL talking about the election? When will he move on? His obsession with polls is frightening.


Anonymous said...

It is mental illness. As simple as that. Beyond the tweeting, the really frightening thing is he says he has pen in hand ready to sign whatever healthcare bill the Congress puts before him. Republicans have already decided that millions of Americans must die. By cutting Medicaid, they have targeted the weakest among us for death. And they have announced that the money that would have provided Americans with healthcare will be used for tax cuts to give spending change to very rich people. This is a time of testing for our values, our democracy, and our way of life. What kind of people would want this blood money?

Anonymous said...

Disinformation = Fake News = Trumpaganda