Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Who is Running for Governor of Florida in 2018. By Geniusofdespair

Ron Bergeron has threatened to run as a Republican for Governor. He will make a decision this summer. Adam Putnam the Agriculture Commissioner appears to have the advantage. I would support Bergeron over that wimpy Putnam. At least Alligator Ron cares a bit about the environment. He is a mega-rich developer with 25 companies.

Ron Bergeron
Gwen Graham

For the Dems, Gwen Graham appears to be the front-runner. She is the daughter of former Senator and Governor Bob Graham. She has the connections and the fund raising capabilities. I can live with her as Governor.

John Morgan

Also in the Dem race, Philip Levine is expected to run, a no to that one. John Morgan, a personal injury lawyer who pushed for the medical Marijuana law, also wants to run and Andrew Gillum as well.

Qualifying is over in June 2018 so we have a long way to go. Scott was a surprise last minute  (waited till April) candidate. So expect more to enter.


Anonymous said...

Yup, Graham is who we're supposed settle for or even coronate... while Gillum may be the best candidate. Now, this may not be the case [and I'm not saying you are propounding it] but it sounds familiar.

Anonymous said...

Can't say much good about Putnam.We did not hear much from him when the Republicans and Gov. Scott were cutting environmental funding. Bergeron may be trying to dig more rock pits near the NW Miami Dade wellfield. Just sayin.