Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Rumor on Brian Goldmeier and Truth on David Rivera. By Geniusofdespair

Brian Goldmeier and Mrs. Mayor Gimenez
Mayor Carlos Gimenez pulled support from Jose Felix Diaz because he attacked Gimenez's daughter in law who apparently has a long relationship with Alex de la Portilla his opponent --- including getting arrested with him. Brian Goldmeier the nerdy fundraiser who made it rain dollars for the Mayor is said to still be supporting Diaz. That would be a slap in the face to Gimenez. According to the Miami Herald:
Gimenez withdrew his support shortly after the Miami Herald reported Friday on Diaz de la Portilla's 2012 arrest at a Boston hotel over a lit cigarette.

Diaz de la Portilla was arrested at the Intercontinental Hotel and charged with trespassing along with Gimenez's daughter-in-law, Tania Cruz, who is working for the Diaz de la Portilla campaign and is also a long-time friend of the candidate.
Police observed that suspects were belligerent, intoxicated and stated they were lawyers in Miami --Off. Raymond D’Oyley, Boston Police incident report

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article160217214.html#storylink=cpy

In response to the Herald article, I wrote on Typepad:
Is your daughter-in-law still Married to your son? If so why is he not suspicious when his wife is in another mans hotel room and then working for the same man. Personally if my husband did that--- he would be my x husband...and he is a good cook so it is an even harder decision but I would gladly switch to frozen dinners and dump the chump.
Alex and Tania Cruz - Not Currently Able to Practice Law in Florida According to the Bar

There are more rumors on Goldmeier (once a Democratic fundraiser with ties to Kris Korge) that he may be helping Tomas Regalado (son of the Mayor) despite Mayor Gimenez's supporting of Joe Carollo (Joe was said to be working on Gimenez's Mayoral campaign by many in the rumor circle). Joe is ahead in the fundraising with $210,800. Barreiro's wife has $138,073 and Regalado has $92,055. They are all running in the District 3 race of the City of Miami.

Bottom line: Brian Goldmeier may not be the golden boy of Mayor Gimenez. It appears he may have defied his top client on two separate occasions. Will there be retribution? Maybe not, Brian knows too much.

David Rivera with his former Roommate Marco Rubio

And now to David Rivera, the Miami Herald reported:
Former U.S. Rep. David Rivera funneled at least $69,000 in secret campaign cash to a ringer candidate in the 2012 congressional election, according to the Federal Election Commission — which wants the Republican ex-congressman to pay $486,000 in civil penalties.
Last year, a Tallahassee appeals court upheld a $57,821.96 Florida Commission on Ethics fine against Rivera over improperly disclosed income and double-billed travel expenses, but Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran, who is empowered to fine former state lawmakers, has yet to impose it.


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with Carlos Jr.

Anonymous said...

Rubio could pay off Rivera's debt with one fund raiser.

Anonymous said...

Or 1 phone call.

Anonymous said...

Tweet of the morning: I used to worry about having to talk to my kids about sex. Now I worry about having to talk to my kids about why Gimenez' buddy Trump was elected president of the USA.

WOOF said...

Unless it occurred in a fireworks factory,
everyone should be allowed a cigarette
after drunken sex.

Anonymous said...

Back in 2012, the grudge against mayoral candidate Joe Martinez ws an unproven allegation of a political kickback. It was said then and later dismissed he accepted free construction work at his new home. The Commission on Ethics dismissed that allegation as baseless. Gimenez used that leverage to get elected and the rest is history. Since that time, Gimenez has managed to turn county government into his private farm. Every county department is in chaos and every contract goes to his contributors and friends. In hindsight, Martinez would have been a better choice. Lesson learned.