Sunday, July 23, 2017

Palmetto Bay: Did David Singer Get Punched in the Face This Week? By Geniusofdespair

Palmetto Bay's Favorite Son, Councilman David Singer had an altercation in a boating incident while docking his boat. Something to do with a Dad protecting his kids.

Ah, more details are coming in. David Singer was allegedly punched after words were exchanged. He was at Gilbert's in Key Largo. He was trying to dock his boat and kids were in the water and  he yelled at the kids to get out of the water. The Dad and others got mad. David Singer was alleged to have been asked to leave Gilbert's. David Singer was alleged to be bleeding from the altercation and there were cops there.

You can see Singer has a temper -- I have included a video at the end of him I found on line. I am sure there is a police report in Key Largo. 

Meanwhile David Singer was suing David Zisman (who ran for the Council of Palmetto Bay against Singer) for Libel/Slander.  That is hard to prove because Singer is a public figure. On July 11th Zisman was granted a motion to dismiss the suit. Singer has 30 days to amend his suit. This suit was started by Singer 12/20/2016.

Reason for lawsuit against Zisman this video, Singer left this message on David Zisman's answering machine and Zisman put it on YouTube:


Geniusofdespair said...

Sent to me:

#gilbertsresort. Good morning members. What a great event we had this weekend and thanks again for all that worked so hard to make it turn out great once again. Those that attended on Saturday may have heard about an incident at the dock. It was very unfornatre that it occured. I want you to know that yesterday, another incident occured and this time with Doug and I. We docked in the last slip nearest the beach. Upon return to our boat I saw a very young boy climing into our flats boat. I yelled over "Do not climb on the boat" and certainly it was not about damaging or dirt on our little flats but more about possibly injury to the little boy. The mother didnt like that I yelled over at the boy and she began shouting at me. Within a minute over twenty onlookers joined in. All the while, other very young boys were swimming in front of the boat, to the side of the boat and in the read of the boat all inside the slip. We just kept moving into our boat while the lady (I presume the mother of the boy) was yelling and then other family members joined in. Security came and I told him that we were leaving when we noticed the parent was allowing the kids to swim in the area where the boat was docked and allowing him to jump onto our boat to dive back into the water. The Security only told the by standers "Don't worry, they are leaving" - there was no conversation about the safety of the children swimming in that area versus swimming at the beach. Those of us that frequent Gilberts need to speak up to make changes. Soon, a child will be injured by a boat that is entering or leaving the dock area or a child will be injurted jumping off the boat of a patron to Gilberts. I have called the local Key Largo paper and hope to speak with them. I have written to Gilberts on Facebook and will continue but would encourage all of you who witnessed Saturday's event and the swimmers in the area where boats are to dock to speak up. Even if one life is saved, it will be worth it!

Anonymous said...

It is strange that Singer is always in the middle of physical and verbal altercations. How come the rest of us are just nicely peacefully going about our business. I suspect there is more to the situation in the Keys than meets the eye. No pun intended. Usually where there's smoke there's fire.

Anonymous said...

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