Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Oh What A Deal! Will City of Miami capitulate to Florida Power and Light? We hope NOT ... by gimleteye

It is still a question to be addressed at Thursday's city commission meeting, but judging from the fine print of an exhaustive agreement, the City of Miami will "only" pay $27 million as its portion of the cost to bury high voltage power lines along US Route 1; part of the infrastructure program ratepayers will otherwise shoulder for two new nuclear reactors that FPL is aiming towards the lowest lying floodplain in Florida.

In return for this "great" deal? The City of Miami will agree to drop its lawsuits against FPL. Up until this point, the city's legal department has been a credible protector of taxpayer and citizens -- unlike the City of Coral Gables -- in the uproar over installing high voltage power lines along one of the busiest residential and business districts in South Florida.

It's insanity, and you may have a chance to express your objections and opposition at the Thursday meeting of the Miami City Commission. Please read this action alert from Miami Waterkeeper:

Dear All,

We have recently become aware that the City of Miami is considering settling with FPL on the transmission line suit. Unfortunately, this settlement also would require the City to dismiss other critical suits against FPL, including challenging FPL's 1) application to license and operate two new nuclear power plants at Turkey Point, 2) the siting challenge for the 2 new plants, and 3) their ability to charge the public for the construction of the new plants that will likely never be build. The settlement would also require that the City not get involved in other ongoing cases against FPL. And, all this when the City has been making great progress on these issues against FPL and is one of the biggest dogs in this fight.

All in all, it seems like a terrible deal for the citizens and for the environment and a big win for FPL. 

The City Commission is voting on this item at this Thursday's commission meeting (3500 Pan American Drive, Miami, FL 33133). There is an opportunity for public comment at 9am and before the item is heard. 

We would like as many people as possible to show up to give public comment at both the 9am comment session and before the item is heard. We also ask that people contact the Commissioners to ask them to vote against this settlement. Commissioner Russell is already voting no. 

Please also share on social media:

"Tell the City of Miami not to give in to FPL at the commission meeting this Thursday at 9am (3500 Pan American Drive). We need them to stay in the fight for our community's health and safety -- and for the environment too! Call your commissioners ( today!" 

​Please share with others so that we can get a critical mass in attendance!​

Thank you,

Rachel Silverstein, Ph.D.
Executive Director & Waterkeeper
Miami Waterkeeper


Anonymous said...

Despicable! Any Commissioner who votes for this deal should never receive
a vote for public office again. To capitulate to FPL in this manner
establishes a new low in the entire history of Florida government.
This Faustian deal lays bare the soulless nature of FPL and highlights
the need for news laws governing monopolies in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, what a deal this is, I'm certain future election campaigns will be greased like a beauty in the sunny beach.

Further scrutiny should also be thrown on the Miami in house legal department, for they make legal recommendation's and deals. Adversary's to City lawsuit's can always count on the Miami in-house legal crack team to deliver, but not for whom they serve.

High time to clean up and clean out!!!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! The City of Miami voted to approve the FPL settlement. Looks like our golden boy, Stoddard just lost his sugar daddy. Will Pinecrest be the next to settle? As usual, nothing in the Miami Herald about it; wonder if Stoddard is going to inform his South Miami constituents that the city's legal expenses are about to explode?