Sunday, July 30, 2017

GOP must help bring the Trump presidency to a peaceful conclusion ... by gimleteye

On Bill Moyers website, a timeline of the #TrumpRussia trumpocalypse. 

Even if the legal definition of treason has not been reached -- because the U.S. is technically not "at war" with Russia -- the normative values of democracy are crumbling under the most chaotic presidency in U.S. history.

Moreover, the disorganization and vulnerability exposed by Russian hacking of the 2016 election has achieved a core Putin purpose: to massively marginalize the power and influence of the United States.

Trump's ongoing disaster threaten to inflict mortal wounds to our democratic system of checks and balances.

The #GOP must help bring the Trump presidency to a peaceful conclusion.

NOTE: also read: High-Profile Russian Death in DC Was Putin Hit-Job

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Anonymous said...

The GOPERS will not likely do any such thing.
After being appalled and originally opposed to Trumpism, they are milking the present situation to its fullest.

I disagree that Russia did this to the US.

We did it to our self's, OK, with a little nudge from Russia.

It is the acceptance of a rotten political system over decades that enabled today's predicament.