Saturday, June 03, 2017

Mayor Gimenez you really believe we have no right to privacy? by Geniusofdespair

The police want to use state of the art, aerial photo tracking cameras to monitor people especially in crime ridden neighborhoods. Mayor Carlos Gimenez thinks we have no expectation of privacy once outside. Listen, this is serious. Call that stupid Mayor you all elected, and say politely: "are you out of your mind?" Big Brother is alive and well. Read 1984 Mayor Gimenez. The American Civil Liberties Union calls it "terrifying." I will have to stop peeing in my backyard. I am outraged!

In other news, Hudstead's de facto mayor Wayne Rosen promised residents of Keys Gate a golf course in a covenant, when they bought their houses. He now says the covenant is not enforceable, he has let the golf course decay into a weed field. The city of Homestead should force Wayne Rosen to honor his promise to the people.  If he didn't have the money to fix it  it might be an issue but he is rolling in dough. I am writing on my phone so no links... read the paper.


Anonymous said...

You should stop peeing in your backyard anyway. I've been told that a conviction for public urination comes with a lifetime requirement to register as a sex offender!

Anonymous said...

It's worse that that, some jurisdictions are using the StingRay system which tracks, intercepts and can command cellphone transmissions.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the article in regard to Rosen. I think he should retire now and just sell the course on the open market, but no, why do that when he has the entire Hudstead Council ready to bail him out like the Shiver shotgun house stuff............I don't understand why the Board of this HOA was appointed and not elected. Can someone explain? I think the owners should retain a good attorney because it seems as if this Board is not working in their interests.

Gypsy said...

So in this latest version the Herald reports Wayne Rosen knows that a survey attached to the golf course covenant is incorrect or illegal.
Meanwhile the mayor humpty dumpty is talking about rising up together. For what purpose do you rise mayor? So you can bow? He is a joker. They all fall down when it comes to Wayne Rosen.

Did a bogus survey stop the Hudstead council from seeking HUD funding of $3.5 million for Rosen? APPROVED!
Did a bogus survey stop the Hudstead council from rezoning commercial property to residential for Wayne Rosen in exchange for a possible golf course renovation? APPROVED!
Did that bogus survey stop the Hudstead council or attorneys from doing a proper title search on the property they were investing in? DENIED!
Two stood up together and voted no four nitwits voted yes. Rise Up Together that's a good one. Where was the city counsel when a bogus survey and the covenant were exhibits in the application?

The number one objective in Hudstead is making Wayne Rosen happy. Disclosure and discovery are two distinct issues and the fact that someone could apply to a city council who have partnered with and supported by funding from the applicant in amounts well over a million dollars is remarkable. Add in a bogus survey and the usual legal incompetence is replaced by intentionally assisting a fraud on the city and the federal government who would have given Rosen millions with the Wayne Rosen funded puppets rubber stamping it.

Anonymous said...

HUDstead and de facto Mayor Wayne Rosen.

One campaign donor should not be in control of a city.
Four incumbents are running they should be thrown out.
Can't get rid of Rosen but voters can get rid of his pals.

Anonymous said...

Gypsy, quite interesting. I hope the homeowners are smart enough to find a good attorney to file suit, maybe the property tax payers too. I guess with what you've written, some of the council people who voted for Rosen's projects while taking his campaign contributions should probably be named too. Let the courts decide who has standing where for what because this entire City of Homestead sounds like one big shell game working against the people paying the taxes and the population in general. The entire article was a bit unbelievable that some of this stuff he pulled is legal. I'd say call Rundle, but that's a different can of do not prosecute politicians kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

ICYMI former Hudstead Mayor Steve "Mudslide" Shiver's fb page indicates he may be filing for bankruptcy protection after being lied to.
Karma comes at you fast.