Wednesday, May 24, 2017

WIOD radio cancels the only progressive voice in South Florida radio: Fernand Amandi ... by gimleteye

WIOD, part of the right-wing iHeart Radio Network, just cancelled the only progressive voice on the South Florida radio spectrum; Fernand Amandi. Yes WIOD that tolerates Rush Limbaugh ("How do you tell misinformed people they are wrong?") and features Sean Hannity -- the same Hannity that is doing his best to be fired by the Murdoch Fox empire -- and Glenn Beck.

One suspects that the "cost cutting measures" aren't the real reason Fernand's show was cancelled. More likely, the same morons who sell ad space for Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck weren't making the case for advertisers to support Amandi. It takes too much intelligence for ad salesmen and women, apparently, to bridge the gap: explaining that a robust, diverse schedule deserves EQUAL support by advertisers.

Amandi expressed, and embraced, a progressive point of view: that the GOP Congress has been too silent, timid, and fearful of exploring the facts and truth around the most incompetent, chaotic president in U.S. history: Donald Trump. So basically, Amandi was the anti-Limbaugh, and he was fearless: talking about the sacred cows in South Florida.

Thank you, Fernand!

I don't know about you, but I'm turning off WIOD for the time being. You, too, can write to WIOD here to express support for Fernand Amandi, or, send an email to WIOD here.

General Manager/ NewsRadio WIOD
7601 Riviera Blvd
Miramar, FL 33023

Twitter: @iHeartMedia

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Anonymous said...

Last January, FPL threatened to withdraw advertising from the station after Amanda's pundit guest made unflattering comments about FPL's environmental practices. So, yes, follow the money.