Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Florida's Treasure Coast and West Coast Rocks for Kicking Politicians' Butts. By Geniusofdespair

It is no small feat that citizens were able to move Florida Senate President Joe Negron (many of them are his constituents) in the right direction on storing polluted sugar water instead of polluting the coastal areas and causing algae blooms as green as a shamrock and as thick as pea soup. The folks didn't get exactly what they wanted but hey, they got storage for 78 billion gallons. I love you guys and gals, you never stopped. You are my heroes all of you, Bullsugar, River Warriors, Indian Riverkeeper, SWFL Clean Water, etc.

So Bad at at names...let me think, Kenny Hinkle, Michael Conner, Gayle Ryan, Michelle Conner and guy with blue pants.
Michael Conner, Marty Baum and Kenny Hinkle

Yeah, the lazy Miami Herald Reporter interviewed the two stupid Eric's for the Miami Herald article but the citizens are the real heroes of this fight. The fact that they got anything from these State Politicians is a miracle. I can't believe they made trips to that Godless place Tallahassee (because of the politicians). What a nightmare that must have been.

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Markus I. said...

Yea because of these super people is Miami what is it. I am not living there, but i mostly arrive in summer and enjoy miami beach and good electronic music. Actually it's better than Ibiza in Spain for this. And those 'invisible' people are the real fighters.