Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Question For Miami-Dade Tax Collector: Online Vehicle Registration "Courtesy Fee"? ... by gimleteye

Um. For renewing my auto registration online I just paid a seven dollar "courtesy fee". Some people mistrust using online transactions, but when you think about it: it saves time, all around.

I don't have to write a check by hand, find an envelope and stamp, and take it to the mailbox.

On the other side of this fee transaction, county staff don't have to get the mail, put the mail in the hands of the appropriate staff, open the envelope, take the check, match the check amount to the amount on the tear-off form and enter it into a computer. No one has to take the check and countless others to the bank, print out a reconciliation form, file the form, etc. etc.

So why the "courtesy fee" for the online transaction?

The "courtesy fee" should be applied to hand-processed documents, not to online transactions. Why charge more for online transactions when the county should be charging less?


Anonymous said...

Because the Republican Mayor is a socialist at heart and wants to protect his employees who are coincidentally and disproportionately Cuban-Americans in higher positions.

Anonymous said...

Roger Stone, thanks for trolling Eye On Miami!

Steve Hagen said...

Silly you....Those 7 dollar fees probably end up in some fund to pay for GMC gas guzzlers to drive important people around.

Anonymous said...

The online registration process was contracted to a private company.