Thursday, May 11, 2017

Miami Herald Sums Up the Comey Mess in One Cartoon. By Geniusofdespair

Jim Morin, good job.  Much better than the New York Times.

 This is what makes me angry. Donald Trump always tries to deflect blame.  It is so un-presidential to write something like this about 1/2 of America. You call the opposing party hypocrites when you are in the highest office in the land? Why don't you focus on yourself and do your own soul-searching instead of playing the blame game. You are such a dangerous man, you lack a filter on what you say and you have no sense of decency or dignity. You are just crass. The reason they are "aggrieved" is because he was in the middle of investigating you. And we all know the word 'aggrieved' is not in your vocabulary.


Anonymous said...

If the President did not have a strategy session or cabinet meeting prior to firing Comey could it be he is getting orders from elsewhere?

Geniusofdespair said...

You mean from the voices in his head or the Russians? More likely the inner voices of scrambled eggs.

Anonymous said...

The Kabuki Herald is always bi-partisan.

Anonymous said...

Firing Comey fits a pattern. In his various businesses he always got contractors to go out on a limb to provide and finance the work, and when the work was completed, he refused to pay and got rid of them. Same thing with the American banks. Borrowed the money, banks out on a limb, then refused to pay, filed bankrupcty for that company and sawed the limb off from that bank. Bottom line, he used them, then got rid of them.

So he used Flynn, then got rid of him. Used Comey to get Hillary, then got rid of him. It will be the same for anyone who goes out on a limb with him. The pattern continues. Everyone who works with him is subject to this pattern.

Anonymous said...

Trump says Comey told him three times he wasn’t under investigation.

That tweet statement alone means he's worried about
Being found out.

Anonymous said...

Comey told Grassley and Feinstein the same thing.