Friday, May 12, 2017

Looks Like We Have the New Century Lyndon LaRouche. By Geniusofdespair

In 1976  Lyndon LaRouche campaigned for president. He would buy a 1/2 hour TV time with or tax dollars and that was the centerpiece of his campaign. He would make crazy claims if you could listen to the 1/2 hour. Anyway, Trump's behavior recently has brought Lyndon back into my Trump addled brain. Both men are loaded with conspiracy theories...Like Donald Trump, LaRouche hates environmental issues and calls his adversaries derogatory names.

 In 2012 he believed that Obama was a disaster and a threat to the extinction of the human species. He talked about the threat of Thermonuclear War and Obama put us on the brink of it. Lyndon hasn't changed much. Here is a taste of Lyndon in 1976 - he was talking about Thermonuclear War then as well.

The Washington Post wrote in 1980 when LaRouche was again running for President:

This is a campaign with a script by Kurt Vonnegut and Robert Altman in which many of the parts are played by Peter Lorre.It is a campaign in which the candidate does not merely disagree with his opponents but calls, some of them perverts and terrorists, travels with armed bodyguards trained at a private military training camp, and regularly predicts attempts on his life -- the most recent being an assassination plot by the mayor of tiny Keene, N.H., and the governor of the state.
"It's living proof that in a free country any idiot can run for president," responded Keene Mayor Richard P. Peloquin.


Steve Hagen said...

I had forgotten about LaRouche....History does repeat itself!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting flashback. The major threats are still there- nuclear war and collapse of the economy. It seems in these last years I have missed these broad theoretical discussions juxtaposed with the problems we face in this age . . . more nuclear state players; financial and economic globalization; emergence of non-state actors on the world stage with strange value systems; rapid technological advances in infinite directions in many different sectors on a wide variety of different levels; climate change impacts, drought, starvation, and the movement of massive human populations and immigration in the quest for water and food; and many more complex issues. One of these issues is exhaustive alone, the interrelationships, and the sum of them would be quite a lot. Pulling together a cohesive policy is not for the faint of heart or mind.

But what do we have to process and guide the country in all these issues? A crazy man with the attention span of a 3 yr. old. Even if someone could begin to discuss these issues with him, it wouldn't hold his attention. He is only interested in reading and writing tweets, watching TV, and stroking his ego "bigly".