Thursday, April 06, 2017

The ULTRA-CONSERVATIVES are in a panic over Trump! Good for us. by Geniusofdespair

This video has given me more hope than I have had since The Trump was elected.

The alt right is scared to death that Bannon is being marginalized. Really telling video. This guy is a reporter for Breitbart news Lee Stranahan. To them, the Steve Bannon demotion is the biggest news on the planet and will be the end of Donald Trump. I found this on the neo Nazi website the DailyStormer.



Anonymous said...

The most interesting part of the video , he talks of Kushners lack of a support base while Bannon has a large support base. I thought we were electing a president not a cabinet member. The issue is the Alt Right hero Bannon and his followers wanted him to be President but did not have the personality so he enlisted a stand in who now appears to be in rebellion, not willing to fill the role of puppet. The New York Times article by Draper on Sunday bounces off this relationship.

Kathy's Clown said...

It appears someone walked in the room off camera and told him to tone it down. He went ballistic.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Reagan started rebelling and he got a message via an oil-man's son which read something like, stay on course or else GHWB was standing by?

Anonymous said...

Is this what happens when a decent IQ is met with a lack of EQ? When I think of Brietbart, it's really real that their
"Operatives" work in basements like moles.

Pros: I kept expecting racist remarks that didn't occur.
Cons: He so wants to be Rush Limbaugh and his small kernel of "insider" information is treated like the Lord of the Rings
"My precious."
He needs a shower.
He needs a dentist for the missing teeth.
He needs a dermatologist for the growth on the side of his mouth.
He needs to get out in the sun and take a stroll because politics is rotting his soul, body and mind.

Anonymous said...