Monday, April 24, 2017

Something super obscene: the failure of regulation in Florida under Gov. Rick Scott ... by gimleteye

Martin County, winter 2015/2016
Every day Gov. Rick Scott is governor of Florida, the unthinkable is routinely occurring.

Science, fact, and government regulation are being buried by an executive branch that puts the public health at severe risk. At a recent meeting of the Florida Senate Appropriations Committee, a physician from Martin County testified that hospital admissions for cardiac events went up 50% after the diseased water from Lake Okeechobee spewed all over Florida's estuaries in the winter of 2015/2016.

Watch the video, below. Another example -- even more blatant -- of Florida politicians failing to protect people from special interests.

"Florida is the Wild West of pediatric cardiac surgery right now."

"This is about a corrupt system where politicians put special interests above the well being of families."

What about the issue rare pediatric cancer clusters in Florida, including Miami? Silence. Silence from the county and silence from the state.

Gov. Rick Scott believes Floridians will deliver him to the US Senate in 2018. And why shouldn't Floridians reward failure with success? We re-elected Marco Rubio despite evidence of Rubio's failure to fix diseased waterways and the tremendous public health costs his politics have inflicted on Florida.

Voters, only, can redress these injustices.

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Anonymous said...

Governor Scott and his GOP enablers in Florida have blood on their hands and no moral virtue. The citizens (like me) of Florida and their well being means nothing to them. Follow the money. Corrupt state.