Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Patriots' Turnout For Obama VS. Patriots' Turnout For @RealDonaldTrump ... by gimleteye

Sad, @RealDonaldTrump! #sotiredofwinning @gimleteyemiami


Anonymous said...

Really Alan?

Anonymous said...

Trump claims to have the most Patriots visit the WH ...ever!

Anonymous said...

@FirstAnon, do you think that is true? Remember, Kraft is a Trumpet. Of course he would throw some shade on it. Look at the pictures and really digest for a moment.

Do you really think that Trump would allow his pic to be "smaller" than President Obama's? Of course not. In fact, I'm surprised they didn't put staffers on the steps to make it look "YUGE."

And then there was the Amendola goof. Trump, reading from a prepared script and doing a horrible job, called out Danny. But he wasn't there.

Puhleeze, this excuse that staffers were instead put in the front row is bullshit of the first degree. It's being reported that 36 players chose not to attend.

Anonymous said...

Carlos Slim and the New York Times set the tone by having their minions make these pics go viral. Naturally the left leaning media who run 89% negative against Trump would run with this obviously fake news. Now the Patriots are lying according to the airhead above.

Bush had 36 players attend, Obama had 36 players attend, Trump had 34 players attend. Amendola was at a funeral and Brady's mom is in poor health. Stop politicizing everything. What good is created by attempting to photoshop images of a celebration or even for that matter an inauguration?

Meanwhile the previous President and his CIA Chief used a fake British dossier to file FISA requests to spy on Trump campaign/transition people which led to leaks that told the Russian Ambassador he was having his phone unscrambled by U.S. intelligence. What you can take out of that is we lost a valuable tool due to political undermining of POTUS 45 directly because of POTUS 44.

Anonymous said...

The undermining of 45 occurs each time he speaks. I particularly want to emphasize the chocolate cake description when asked about bombing Syria. Between his lustful cake description and calling Syria Iraq - he's a daily embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

I'm well aware of the differences in the two pics. It's just freaking hilarious all the Trumpets running around in circles trying to explain it all away as fake news while Trump tells tall tales every time he opens his mouth.