Saturday, April 29, 2017

An Anonymous Reader is Very Pessimistic About Climate Change. By Geniusofdespair

Go to the Climate March today at Jose Marti Park (see 2 posts yesterday). I found this comment most interesting on our posts yesterday, He or She is assuming that climate change is a done deal and that planning for it is our best option, don't entirely disagree -- Could it happen as a big bang as this reader suggests?
In the USA people often don't think about the prospects of lost cities, or even civilizations. We almost lost New Orleans, but that is about it.

With Global Climate Change we are about to lose many, many more and most likely too quickly for anyone to do anything about it. How will we deal with that? If our elites refuse or even won't plan for it then how do we as citizens and activists devise a plan if the top of Greenland slides off, or the winter disappears and the Gulf Stream stops, cold.

What do we do for the generations left

How do we convey to them our medical knowledge? Our scientific findings? How do we convince them that its not that everybody was wrong only a few in power that refused to listen and the rest of us are planning for this with YOU (future generations) in mind? Was everybody on board with cutting down the last tree on Easter Island? Why do we think that they were all so stupid when it was just one dictator in power and HIS special interests that surrounded him.

That is the best gift that activists can do at this point. Perhaps the clock, if its not melted down because someone needed to repair their broken scooter or make another gun to protect their tribe is the best option. 
We can do this now, while the power is still on, while we have time to plan.

Remember this video, very real now, I think Trump will get us into a nuclear war:

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Anonymous said...

Maybe we should build something in stone. Isn't that what the romans did? The only writings that have lasted from that era were in stone.