Sunday, April 30, 2017

Although Crowds Estimated at Hundreds of Thousands, The Rally/March Weary New York Times Stuck the Climate March Yesterday on Page 20. By Geniusofdespair

Good Idea, bad execution.
Some reports say there were 200 thousand people marching in Washington D.C. and at sister marches around the world yesterday. The people were marching to focus attention on climate change. Nothing in the Miami Herald, page 20 of the New York Times. What does it take to get the media to take notice? ABC News admitted to tens of thousands attending.

 I think that people planning marches, have to think about making them more interesting to grab attention.

My idea, we should march naked. The pink hat idea that was a good one, photo friendly.  You need a hook. I decided to make a pink hat to have on hand. All those pink hats -- someone had to make them. Well, I tried and gave up. Perhaps I should stick to my march naked idea.  If the goal was to get attention from Trump and onto the biggest threat to our planet (on Trump's Hundred Day mark) almost 200,000 thousand people failed miserably in the press.


Anonymous said...

The naked idea is a good one but I doubt it would fly. How about everyone wearing the same color. The pink hats were aerial photo friendly.

Anonymous said...

I appears that more people attended the climate event than trumps inauguration. When the woman's march had more people also, the president and his sidekicks did not mention a word about it.
More and more people attending events and holding elected officials accountable at town hall meetings are necessary to influence the direction of the country.

Anonymous said...

Is there any plan for this resistance or is it just a hodgepodge of events that Trump counters with some rally in a rust belt city in a red state? All this is doing is costing people a lot of money for hotels and airfare. What is the endgame?

Anonymous said...

What is the endgame?
There is none LOL read that other post the blogger has. I guess it makes us feel better but, you are right. There is no plan, no endgame. Maybe it feels like the years before 1914 when everybody knew there was something big on the horizon and current political leaders were held in complete disrepute but the populations of most European nations had no idea what to do about it. I guess with Climate Change and the resonance of popular ruminations like Toias Stone we know something is up.