Monday, January 16, 2017

Two Events Yesterday to talk about Trump: ONE A DISASTER. By Geniusofdespair

Yesterday afternoon I went to the meeting at the Barnacle in Coconut Grove to learn strategies to deal with the Trump presidency. No one was actually running it. There were people pushing issues, like voting for felons, jobs (unions), rights for people at Krome. WHAT? Who was in charge here? I had no clue. The activity was all focused on water bottles (we were never offered) and waiting for someone to park. The Dumbocrats never have their shit together.


I gave it an hour and then left.

There was another meeting at St. Stephens in Coconut Grove in the evening. I heard that meeting was focused and well-attended. I should have gone but I was so despondent over the Barnacle Meeting I couldn't do it again.

I am thinking of changing parties...AGAIN.

Here are some I have been thinking about: The United States Marijuana Party, The Modern Whig Party created by veterans, United States Pirate Party (they want to roll back corporate personhood). I like the emblem of the Marijuana Party. But I like the techie leanings of the Pirate Party and love the name. I am sorry, the Democrats and Republicans --- all losers. Maybe I will have to resort to the Green Party. I just don't know what to do.


Anonymous said...

I too attended the Barnacle meeting. The meeting was very disjointed and no real agenda or plan was offered. Instead, local issues that were mostly minor on the problem scale we are facing were given more time than a plan for how to deal with the several important issues including; sea level rise, health care for all, the environment being protected, wages and taxes, etc.

Anonymous said...

The meeting at the Barnacle was put on by the Move on crowd, not at all affiliated with a political party. The Move On movement evidently left it up to anyone in any community who wanted to bring a few folks together to do so. This is the post meeting note they sent out asking for feedback. So those who went should let them know your feedback.

Thank you for attending a Community Meeting to Resist Trump today!
More than 13,000 people signed up to attend over 500 events in more than 40 states today. We planned and discussed how we will fight for progressive values at every level of government and defend our communities from the Trump administration. We're excited to hear about your meeting!
Can you take a few moments to tell us about your experience?

So tell them!

For those who want to devote time and energy to resistance, they should join up with some of the more reputable, organized advocatcy organizations, such as ACLU, Planned Parenthood , Americans for Immigrant Justice, and Center for American Progress.

Anonymous said...

I thought the thing at the Barnacle was a picnic and the meeting was at St. Stephens. I couldn't attend that day, but Progressive Miami reports 130 people came to the meeting.

Geniusofdespair said...

The political party seem to take over talking about committee people etc.
The meeting at at St Stephens had 130 people. The Barnacle meeting had about 50 to 60 people. You can't hold a meeting and then waste everyone's time. Well, my time.