Sunday, January 22, 2017

The March on Washington: Tweeter and Chief and his numbers. By Geniusofdespair

Tweeter believes his numbers are SOOOOO important. At the Airport I was talking to this Military Man who went to the Trump inauguration. The pictures of the Obama and Trump inauguration were on the TV screen side by side. He said, oh, that is CNN, they doctored the photos. End of story. The media lies. You will never convince Tweeter's supporters otherwise. This is a very dangerous situation. Tweeter has a bizarre need - COMPULSION - to be popular, tweeting that his TV ratings were better than Obama's for his inauguration. Is that REALLY important? Okay, I get it. You are a popular guy in your mind and you have to be the most popular guy. You will find/manufacture a number that will make you appear popular.

Back to the Women's March on Washington. I took a one day trip to the city for the event. I was in a sea of people but was so lonely. No one to talk to. Someone reimburse me for my airfare. They didn't have a parade route so pink hats were meandering everywhere. It was chaotic. NO SECURITY checks anywhere. Luck was with us, there was no violence.

There were about 300 women at the March on Washington as you can see by my photos. I did put two photos together but identified where I made the splice. I don't want to be part of that lying scum media. Actually the Media shouldn't even cover him. Let Fox News do it.

This one is at high resolution so if you hit on it you can really see the group.

See, Only 300 Women.

This is Where I Finally Parted From the Meandering Group

The Parade Route Had a Chaotic Path. People Were Everywhere.

See, 300 Women -- That Was it. The lying media is saying almost 500 thousand. that on Fox News? If not it is certainly not true. I was there, I agree with whatever Fox News comes up with.

As Tweeter in Chief said on New Year's: "Have a very, very, very, very happy New Year", I say, "This is going to be a very, very, very very long 4 years.


Anonymous said...

Poor trump, can't stand that more people turned out to protest him, then came to his big day. Lied to CIA about supporting them and lied about numbers of people at events. Just more of the same from an unstable president who seems to have no clue about reality. Oh, wasn't he a tv reality star?

Anonymous said...

He is going to need a forceful developmental staff. They are going to have to tell him where he is going, the significance, organizational culture of the group, what people are looking for, and write up exactly what he is to say. When he wants to say stupid stuff, they have to say NO, and here is why you should not do this. They should suggest the tweets be written in draft form first and reviewed by the staff as a filter for crazy stuff, then released.

They need to tell him everything he thinks, he does not have to say. In fact, you can be really mad about something and not let anyone know you are really mad. They need to have him practice on this. He needs to be told he will have thousands fights and things he disagrees with, that he will have to select among them those that he will give his attention. His time is finite so he can't waste his time on things that are not important, like the number of people in attendance at the inauguration. There are other things too. A big part of the job is attending ceremonial events as head of state. All you have to do is practice looking important and interested in the activity, many times you don't have to say anything. This too can be practiced until he has a ceremonial face. If speaking is required, make sure staff writes it out. These simple comments will go a long way in the "reaching out" process.

Anonymous said...

Comment No 2,

This reminds me of a dear retired Military Cornell, that shared his active duty experience:
Oh please, don't let the higher ups speak extempore, quick quick, hand him the pre digested and approved speech!!!!

Raigunn did not for noting institute the foot in mouth price. Yeaaa, where is it???

Anonymous said...

This may be slight off topic,
but has anybody my impression, after observing Trumps talking, that he may be in early stage dementia.

Ive had the unfortunate experience, the last twenty Years, to observe people close to me slide into it. The very beginning of dementia always looks soo, I cant believe it. But then gets confirmed and recognized in hind sight.

Steve Hagen said...

Over 60K in Atlanta and the rains stoped just before the march began....John Lewis spoke.....Trumps peech was sad...Really sad to use his tweet style....His young son should have given him tips... have

Anonymous said...

I suggested this or mental illness during the campaign. He is 70 so the aging process and deterioration of physical and mental faculties should begin sooner or later. I was told there are ways to recognize it in little things like putting on mismatched socks, shoe on the wrong foot, little things like that. The people in his family who are closest to him know what the real situation is. Maybe that is why they wanted to be in the White House with him. There is a problem and they have to deal with it, or else he may completely fall apart. I don't think Reagan came to work until 11:00 or noon when he worked. Mentally, Trump is stuck on the election, and can't seem to move forward. So when the nation was looking for healing and coming together, and a united vision for the country, he was still back there bragging about the dynamics of the election.

I think the size of the crowd thing was just a diversion, and a tactic used to limit media talk on the historic Women's March. And it worked. I think the press will have to call these things lies, and move on with the news of the day. The less attention they get the better. The question should be asked, "What else is going on, that he doesn't want us to focus on?" Then spend media time on that.

Anonymous said...

I was volunteering at our local rally and it was inspiring. I watched the line to get in grow from the amphitheater back around the corner and beyond the Intercontinental. I heard it also went past the Omni the other way. Although people waited for an hour or more and many did not get in, it was peaceful and loving. We need to go forward, however. Great blogs like yours will help us try to move forward.

We have an election in less than 2 years. My personal goals are:

1. Get Rick Scott out of our government.
2 Get rid of representatives that are more concerned about Cubans in Cuba than they are about their own people right here. They hide behind doors and vote to get rid of an ethics committee and vote publicly to get rid of healthcare for 350,000 people in Miami. Why people in Miami, whether they are Cuban-American or not, keep voting for people that go against their best interest is beyond me.