Thursday, January 19, 2017

Protests in Washington against the Alt Right at the Deploraball Tonight. By Geniusofdespair

The white supremacists (aka the alt right) had a ball called the Deploraball. It was demonstrated against by others. Good luck tomorrow. This is a Breitbart video, all the videos are filmed by the alt right.  There are so many phonied up videos by these alt-right folks it was hard to find anything else. They call the progressives hate mongers.

I found an NBC video:

Step back... to the planning of the Deploraball:

Young Turks  explains the Deploraball White Supremacist in-fighting surrounding the ball.

Start at 2:30 on this video.

(this guy Baked Alaska  wanted to do the heil hitler salute). Cernovich wouldn't let him.


Anonymous said...

The law must be enforced. No one is above the law. The President cannot have financial conflicts of interest and take money from foreign countries and banks. He has to choose. The US Presidency or his businesses. He can't have both. Otherwise, all "pay to play" laws cannot be enforced in the US and the power of the US government is for sale through his businesses. Additionally, the US Constitution becomes null and void. If he can't make the choice, then the US courts must make it for him. Pence must be ready to take over.

Anonymous said...

Big Brother's cabinet has been chosen. In a nation with 17 million Hispanics, BIg Brother could not find one suitable to sit at the table in his new lilly white cabinet. If you want to see the face of America Big Brother wants to implement you only need to watch a rerun from tv shows of the 1970s and early 1980s to see the roles played by Hispanics. The gang member, the junkie or the broken English immigrant. Try a Heart to Heart rerun for good measure. Make America White Again is in full swing. If Big Brother could, and he may try in the future, he would round up every U.S. citizen of Hispanic heritage and place him them in a concentration camp. 17 million, no longer part of America. A total disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I see what you mean about violation of the Constitution. How can we prosecute, convict, and put in jail city council members, county commissioners, mayors, governors, and members of congress for pay to play, when the President is allowed to pay to play on a world stage with business interest all over the world in violation of the law?