Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Marco Rubio cares more about power -- his own -- than country ... by gimleteye

Miami New Times blasts Senator Marco Rubio for caving and voting to approve Rex Tillerson, ExxonMobil, as U.S. Secretary of State: "Rubio has been consistent since his rise as a mainline Jeb Bush prodigy to a Tea Party-baiting outsider to a Trump-appeasing apparatchik. He's gonna do whatever keeps himself in power. Don't forget it."

These days, U.S. politics is a mess. Donald Trump ran against his own party and won. Yesterday he crossed a sacred GOP line: globalization and trade deals. The GOP -- that for decades ran against Democrats as the true opponents of communism and dictatorships around the world -- now support Trump who for his own dark reasons supports Vladmir Putin, retraction from the world and nationalism at home.

Trump cabinet confirmation hearings demonstrate that the GOP majority is a rubber-stamp for an autocrat. There was a chance that Marco Rubio would follow through on his intense questioning of Tillerson and deny Trump his support. That's gone, too.

Florida voters could have delivered a message in November to the GOP and denied Rubio his second term. Now we get to watch Marco Rubio humiliate himself before an autocrat who stepped all over him on the way to the White House.

There is nothing for Floridians to do now except check shoes and sandals to see if any of Trump's gold leaf stuck to their soles.

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Anonymous said...

Pulling out of the trade agreement raises some questions. Did he do it for the best interest of America, or his personal business? Who wins when we pull out of that agreement? Who comes in to fill the trade vacuum as we pull out of that region of the world? The answer is China. The NY Times reported some time ago that Trump owed $400 million to the Bank of China. Maybe the loan will be forgiven, with this Presidential action, or maybe some other arrangement was made. Us pulling out would be worth a whole lot of money to China. It is like giving them a gift.