Tuesday, November 01, 2016

The Truth about Palmetto Bay Vice Mayor John Dubois? By Geniusofdespair

Candidate John Dubois (Former Bagel Boy) Current Vice Mayor Up For Reelection in Palmetto Bay against My Pick Erica Watts.  
Developer Scott Silver does not agree with Dubois's claims.

Did John DuBois really try to shakedown the Palmetto Bay Village Center?

Scott Silver, a partner of the Palmetto Bay Village Center, just released a very telling e-mail relating to John DuBois. I offer no comments as this e-mail speaks for itself. Note that I did add emphasis through boldtype as I did not want to excerpt from the original e-mail.

Beginning text of E-mail Scott Silver, Partner at the Palmetto Bay Village Center, Monday, October 31, 2016:

I know that people feel that I have a certain bias, given my role with the Palmetto Bay Village Center, but I am pretty shocked to see the outright misrepresentations that are being made by both David Singer and Jon Dubois. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a straight shooter and I am not doing this to try to twist the facts, unlike these two purported politicians.

I have tried to stay out of this until now, but the bizarre twisting of the facts by these two should be something that residents of Palmetto Bay should be concerned about. If they do it with this, how will they handle and misrepresent other things to the community, resulting in a further return to dark days of petty politics.

I have some rather significant facts to disclose about Jon Dubois, but first let me set the record straight. In 2005, The comprehensive use plan was submitted to the state of Florida that included 400 residential units on our site as well as a hotel of unlimited size, ancillary retail and other development rights at the Palmetto Bay Village Center. Furthermore, it left the interim zoning in place on the front land area which could've allowed up to 220 units out front.

It took a few years for that then get translated into the zoning code, which passed in 2008. Given the economic conditions, nothing happened with that, but we still had the absolute vested right to 400 residential units. If someone were to try to take that away, as has been directly threatened by both Mr. Dubois and Mr. Singer, we would have to bring an action against the village, which is the last thing I would want to do, that could produce damages in the range of $40 million. The village has already experienced the cost of litigation and other zoning matters, and this would be a direct consequence of their threatened actions. Just to be clear, I truly do not want to do that by any stretch of the imagination, but if they were to try to follow through on their purported campaign promises, that would be the result.

Jon Dubois's position now is purely one of political expediency and direct hypocrisy. I had to provide testimony to the Miami Dade County ethics commission about certain prior acts of his.

Jon Dubois came to my office, prior to being a commissioner, when the pending zoning was being proposed in 2008. He indicated to me that he would not oppose the zoning, as an adjoining neighbor, if I gave him two townhouse units at cost. It was a deliberate attempt at a shakedown that was offensive. He obviously had no problem with the development, but just wanted to line his own pocket. He told me that he wanted to have townhouses so he could have a place where he could put guests offsite, but nearby. I was a bit stunned and refused to do anything.

After that occurred, and Jon became a commissioner, he agreed to recuse himself from any vote involving the Palmetto Bay Village Center. He indicated that he was too close by, as a neighbor, and could not vote on those matters. Frankly, I knew that the disclosure that I set forth above would also disqualify him, but there was no need to address it, since he had continued to refuse to vote on any Palmetto Bay Village Center matter. When he changed his mind, without notice, and voted against the last matter it was obvious that he was just being political and coming out against something that he thought would help him in the election. He had apparently never felt it was a problem before as long as he profited.

I think that this is something that the voters of Palmetto Bay should know and understand, so the voters know who they are dealing with.

This is not a disclosure that I take lightly. I'm staking my reputation on it as I'm sure Jon will deny it. If he denies it, he is lying.

When a lawsuit was recently filed by a neighbor, challenging the zoning decision allowing us to move 85 units from the front area, leave that as preserved green space, and donate almost 39 acres to the village as a park, It was filed by a lawyer in Mr. Dubois's office and funded by Jon Dubois. When I asked him about the backing of that lawsuit, he falsely stated that he had nothing to do with it. These continued false statements are an embarrassment to the village.

I have worked hard on a number of projects to make this a better place to live and work. Negativity and false statements don't help that and, unfortunately, that is what is occurring.

David Singer has joined in with this, trying to make it appear as if the 400+ units were just approved. That is absolutely 100% false. The people of the village need to understand what has transpired. If you are against further development, it is fine to have an honest debate about it. It is not accurate to make it appear that something just happened, when it was fully approved 10 years ago with the acquiescence of neighbors, neighborhood associations and Mr. Dubois.

There are a lot more nuances to this than can be dealt with in a soundbite. I am happy to discuss this with anyone. I know that the time is short before the election and I just could not countenance this further misleading campaign by these two individuals. I would urge the residents to listen to the facts, rather than grossly misleading statements by people just trying to get elected on a popular but misguided theme.

Scott A. Silver
Palmetto Bay Village Center


Anonymous said...

This letter is a perfect example of why not to vote for candidates that bend the facts to try to get voters to vote against their best interests. Please do not vote for Dubois and Singer. they are not worthy candidates.

Anonymous said...

I believe this Mr. Silver. He has put his neck out for the good of the community.

Anonymous said...

I agree, he's basically threatening to sue the Village if the residents don't elect who the developer wants. Disgusting, and worse that PB elected officials would provide a mouthpiece for such a meessage

Anonymous said...

As I see it, even without this email there are lots of reasons not to vote for Dubois. The countless lawsuits reported in the Miami Herald,the possibility that he is behind the lawsuit for the 485 units since his personal attorney is being used, his close relationship with Jose Luis Castillo (Green Point Group) who works to get people elected and then lobby's them to get development and increases in zoning, missed meetings...........

Cynthia said...

I think the developer was up front and came forward because he didn't like the lies some of the candidates were telling people.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous... I am that Anonymous because I do not want my children or family otherwise hassled by evil doers.

Scott Silver is a nice guy. His facts about the property are true. And I will tell you that the original hearing was to kill 1400+ units. I was there and I know it.

I want you all to consider when all this horse manure started in Palmetto Bay...

The first council got along great and Palmetto Bay prospered. Then along comes a certain lobbyist, and then his candidates, as the first term limits took effect.

Palmetto Bay has gone from a community to be proud of, to one that full of NASTY ass elected officials and neighbors. A bunch of self centered, snotty nosed, "got-miners" who are destroying the community.

Mayor Flinn thought he could regain a bit of sanity after the Shelly years. Truth be told: there is no way that anyone is going to enjoy the lifestyle the village wants to promote as long as the village has bully's, thugs, outside manipulators, and a person who thinks his community is HIS to terrorize.

I am sad for Flinn. At a time when Palmetto Bay should be the nicest village in South Florida, he is having to achieve whatever he can by hoping that some good things happen in spite of other council members.

It Sucks.

Anonymous said...

My question: why was Dubois and Singer giving out literature and campaigning at the Halloween party for the children.

Pissed in PB said...

John Dubois is suing the Ethics Department. What does that say about him? Like Trump, he sues everyone he doesn't like. That is no way to get along.

Anonymous said...

Both cities, hell the County, need to reign in the lobbyists. No using a lobbyist as a campaign manager. No taking campaign contributions from lobbyists or vendors. Until then, if you want a better community vote out anyone who is linked to lobbyists. In Palmetto Bay, that is John Dubois and Karen Cunningham. In Cutler Bay, Susi Loyzelle and Peggy Bell.

Anonymous said...

I did not know Dubois supported Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner.

Anonymous said...

Its scary that Mr. DuBois seems to live by his own set of rules. This is just like how he was a teenager in high school. This man needs to be removed as a deputy mayor and personally investigated.