Monday, November 28, 2016

Joseph Lassiter asks: Why does U.S. significantly lag in deployment of new nuclear energy technologies ... by gimleteye

Click here, to watch a short and informative video clip by Joe Lassiter, on new nuclear energy technologies and the clear failure of the United States to launch the kind of ambitious industrial/ technology programs that could quickly deploy new, safe nuclear to replace fossil fuel combustion that is destroying the sustainability of the planet's climate.

We have literally zero time to spare, given the massive disruption to the climate through global warming. Clear here, for just one recent example.

Under Trump -- unless the president-elect reverses course on his dismissive attitude toward global warming -- the United States will not only become an outlier and pariah nation on climate change, we will also surrender economic opportunity and jobs through new energy technologies to the Chinese who are surging ahead of us in deployment of new nuclear. Is that what Trump voters and Republicans want?


Anonymous said...

The short answer is: Thorium reactors do not produce nuclear by products for bomb making, you know, keeping all of us "save" . So yea, unsuitable for the real powers that be.

Barry J White said...

So, is Eye On Miami advocating nuclear energy for the U.S. with present technology? Two main problems:
It is vastly expensive: Turkey Point proposed new reactors would probably cost a total of $26 Billion; big bucks. Second, the centralized production of energy requires transmission lines to carry the energy, The Grid, which is very problematical. Also costly, unsightly, subject to solar storms, storm damage, terrorism, source of carcinogenic radiation and very complex to administer and regulate and being overcome and surpassed as a viable source of energy by current and emerging technology; the Grid should on be used for connectivity between energy produced at the source of use, decentralized or distributed production on our homes, businesses and institutions. Using combinations of renewables will also make them more functional: a 1.3 KW wind turbine on your home with your 8KW solar system, under $20,000 now for solar, will be a nice asset for all homes, especially with FPL raising rates January 1. Germany has abandoned nuclear, for good cause and is doing fine without it; France has swept it nuclear problems under the rug for years, and China does not care about the cost and the other reasons cited above for not relying on the grid. Solar is being installed at an increasing pace across the nation. We are being held energy hostage by the utilities. Not for long.

Barry J.White
Citizens Allied for Safe Energy, Inc.

Geniusofdespair said...

Eye on Miami? I did not write this. In fact I didn't read it.