Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Early Voting and Absentee Results For Miami Dade County in Selected Races. By Geniusofdespair

I got this off the State Site...wow

Come back after 7pm for Early Voting and Absentee results in selected races for our County. If there is an overwhelming lead we might know the winner. If it is close, we would have to wait for election day results which I am not posting as they come in later in drips and drabs, sometimes they are not 100% posted until after midnight.

I will be posting percentages only (and only for the COUNTY) Remember this is early and absentee, if it is close you will have to wait for the precincts to see who won:

Hillary Clinton 61.08%
Donald Trump 36.45%

U.S. Senate:
Marco Rubio 47.11%
Patrick Murphy 55.04%

U.S. Representative in Congress
District 27: 
Scott Fuhrman 43.4%
Illena Ros-Lehtinen 56.6%

Florida Senate
District 37: 
Jose Javier Rodriguez. 47.8%
Miguel Diaz de la Portilla 46.44%

District 38: 
Phillip Brutus 25.9%
Daphne Campbell 74.1%

District 39: 
Debbie Mucarsel-Powell 40.45%
Anitere Flores 59.55%

District 40:
Dwight Bullard 38.99%
Frank Artiles 53.6%

Florida House
District 112:
Rosa Palomino 48.82%
Nicholas Duran 51.18%

District 114: 
Daisy J. Baez 51.68%
John Couriel 48.32%

District 118: 
Robert Asencio 50.12%
David Rivera 49.88%

Miami-Dade Mayor
Raquel Regalado 44.50%
Carlos Gimenez 55.5%

Florida Justice of the Supreme Court
Retain in office: 
No about 25% on the 3
Yes about 75% on the 3

Circuit Court
Group 34: 
Mark Blumstein 51.25%
Luis Perez-Medina 48.75%
Group 52: 
Carol "Jodie" Breece 49.42%
Oscar Rodriguez Fonts 50.58%

School Board
District 1: 
Wilbert T. "Tee" Holloway 49.07%
 Steve Gallon 50.93%

District 6: 
Modesto "Mo" Abety. 35.02%
Maria Teresa Rojas 64.98%

Constitutional Amendments
Number 1: (so called Solar Choice, must pass by 60%)
Yes 57.30%
No 42.70%

Number 2: Medical Marijuana
Yes 67.59%
No 32.47

Miami-Dade County Questions

Special purpose districts: 
Yes 52.14%
No 47.86%
Public records: 
Yes 67.29%
No 32.71%

Cutler Bay:
Javier Giraud 47.98%
Sue Loyzelle 52.02%

Chuck Barrentine 40.69%
Michael Callahan59.31%

Palmetto Bay 
Vice Mayor:
Erica Watts 36.65%
John Dubois 41.47%. (yes almost 4,000 idiots in Palmetto Bay)
David Zisman 21.88%

Tim Schaffer 37.8%
David Singer 62.2%

Pinecrest Council
James McDonald 55.43%
Peter Casablanca 44.57%

Anna Hochkammer 64.01%
James Field 35.99%

If you want to check on precincts voting today....


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!!! This is going to be helpful and exciting. We may know something before everyone else does!

Anonymous said...

Well, the stock market has already dropped 500 points. If Trump wins they are saying people can kiss their 401ks goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Nazis Win!!!!

Anonymous said...

Marco can't even win his home County. But he prevails statewide. SMDH

Anonymous said...

But Marco won his home State........