Friday, October 21, 2016

Welcome to my World. By Geniusofdespair

Without my glasses,  this is what I see. When I meet you, if I take off my glasses, I am trying to amuse myself, looking at your face with my double vision. The only thing that bothers me is seeing two horizons. Would I text while driving? NEVER EVER, I have enough to contend with...and so do you.

Speaking of nothing important, I am going to switch to something I think that is VERY important to Miami Dade County residents: The County Mayoral Election. I want to emphasize voting in the Mayoral race.

I am not a fan of the current mayor Carlos Gimenez as I think Privatization is really bad (imagine trying to give Donald Trump our Key Biscayne Public Golf course to manage -- yes Mayor Gimenez tried to do that).  He said in a debate that privatization can be done "better, faster, cheaper". But, can you imagine Trump managing our golf course? The golf course would become more private, our costs to use it would sky-rocket, or why else would Trump be interested? The County Commission stopped this boondoggle. Privatization is"Better, faster, cheaper" my ass. And if privately things can be done better, faster, cheaper what does that say about your Management skills of the County Mayor Gimenez?

Mayor Gimenez has Pepe Diaz, the dumbest and most clueless County Commissioner, doing a robocall for him. Really, Pepe? I had high hopes for Gimenez in 2011 but he immediately came into office and gave obscene salaries to his hires and little by little, he has become the lobbyist's dream machine. Gimenez has made his friends rich and given them special favors. He doesn't do competitive hiring, he picks insiders and shuffles them around. Gimenez is arrogant to people at public meetings (like the meeting that were held when he tried to cut funding to libraries). It is unbecoming.  He acts as if he knows it all. He doesn't.

I have voted for Raquel Regalado.  And I stand by my vote. I saw her in person without my glasses and she still looked pretty good!

Not convinced? Try this one.


Anonymous said...

Interesting Segway. I too voted For Raquel, for many of the reasons you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Raquel all the way!

Out of sight said...

Hmmm. Now, I something else to watch out for... GoD without her glasses... Life is so full of warnings!

Hope we have a winner, and it is the public!

Anonymous said...

Since you brought up texting while driving, and although it was intended to be humor, I would like to share this with you. As someone who lost a close friend due to texting and driving, this strikes very close to home.

Please take a peek at this petition and give it your blessing. Thank you.

The councils of Palmetto Bay and Pinecrest have already unanimously voted on this urging, and more are following suit in the next couple of weeks.

Please share the petition with your readers, and with as many people possible.

Thank you!

Geniusofdespair said...

It was not not not intended as humor. I am with you on this vile habit people have developed. Nothing was humorous in this post. It is not fun to have double vision. I use humor to catch my readers attention but it is usually black humor.

many faced god said...

I care mainly about 2 issues in this race: 1) Crime/Police/etc, and 2) Traffic congestion/Mass Transit.

I've filled most of my mail-in ballot out, but the Mayoral race isn't one of them. I've talked to a good friend who tries to follow politics and the goings-on of Miami (I try to follow it also, so I figure we have decent insights when we coordinate our thoughts). I've tried some googling on the candidates. Now, I'll give any/all of you the opportunity to sell me on either candidate (though I won't take anything said on face value).

I will say her being attractive or not is not a worthy talking point, nor is Gimenez hooking up his buddies when Regalado has been hooked up her whole career by her father. I want the "meat", not the "fixings".

Geniusofdespair said...

I wouldn't waste my time trying to convince you. We have 2 search tools- use them. Our index show 88 posts on Gimenez.

Anonymous said...

Gimenez has been very good about slowly working the County procurement system for years leading up to his re-election. Big contracts for things the County departments didn't even want - he magically convinced them that they really did need - expensive IT systems, natural gas vehicles, and on and on. Would be interesting to see which vendors have contributed to the Mayor's campaign.