Monday, October 31, 2016

My Voter Registration: Changing Address - Not as easy as you might think. By Geniusofdespair

I changed my address by mail. A new Voter Registration card was issued 9/28/16 according to the card. Online, while checking my absentee ballot, I found that 2 absentee ballots were sent, one was sent to my old address on October 11 and a second was sent to my new address October 12. That is two weeks after the address change Voter Registration Card was issued. Here are the Elections Records:

What happened to that first ballot? It was never forwarded to me. I guess it is somewhere, maybe in Daphne Campbell's pocketbook.

When I tried to look at my registration history it said I wasn't a registered voter. I looked up the State records as well. How could that be. I looked closely at my voter registration card and found out my date of birth had changed.  I looked at my old card, my birthdate was right. Wow, I am now a day younger. I entered the wrong birth date, they supplied to me on my registration card, on the elections website and I found myself and all my records. How did this happen when all I did was make an address change? Maybe I forgot when I was born and entered it wrong? Doubt it, but I have done dumber things. The wrong birth-date is on the State records as well.

Life is good  although now I have to figure out how to correct my birth-date without some major effort on my part.


WOOF said...

Changing my address from M-Dade to Broward took about 2 minutes on the phone including arranging for my primary and general election absentee ballots.
Both arrived in a timely manner.

Geniusofdespair said...

Did you have a COMPLETE ballot in Broward.

WOOF said...

Yes, had all amendments.