Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hudstead: Now Known as the Snake Pit. By Geniusofdespair

Not content with being associated with Hud and Peyton Place,  Homestead is now vying for a 'new' old movie title: The Snake Pit

Snakes are invading not just Wayne Rosen...the actual reptiles.

of course Ethics took no action, the three year period for filing an ethics complaint ran out.
Back to other snakes:

Police caught a 9 foot python at Homestead High School in September.

Also a warning went out in the Keys Gate Neighborhood:
This morning  a resident discovered a five foot boa constrictor cross my back lot by the lake and slither into the philodendron bushes on the north east corner of the property traveling towards North Gate Drive. It's width was the size of a man's forearm. It was too small to be a menace to most dogs, but cats could be at risk.  This has been reported to MM and the authorities.
Other Homestead snake sightings:

Homestead: Real snakes, and also the breeding ground for the political snake pit of Miami Dade County.

Meanwhile, Keys Gate houses are shaking off their foundations from all the rock mining blasting. I have had numerous reports of cracked tile and houses shaking. People are considering installing carpets. Who will help these people? Really, carpets? That is pretty extreme.
Florida City leaders approving the blasting said the economic benefit of the quarry outweighed concerns raised last fall by homeowners as well as environmental and park officials.

What to do, what to do? Have a fashion show of course. Wayne Rosen's wife is helping to sponsor a fashion show to benefit Dade Legal Aid, on February 24th: Fashion Night on Brickell. Wayne Rosen is rumored to have donated $38,000.


Anonymous said...

Snakes are the new mascot of the city.

Anonymous said...

How is the golf course progress?

Anonymous said...

In February of 2013 during a deposition Rosen admitted to having a "deal" with the Charter School company for his lobbying influence on the city council. It was contingent on approval by the city.
The State Attorney's office and the Ethics Commission already had this information for three years prior to dismissing it based on statute of limitations. This is called the family and friends plan run by the SAO and COE.

Anonymous said...

In other Homestead news the city is shutting down free speech by arresting citizens after they are thrown out of council meetings and then allowing police officers to disparage family members.
The retaliation is being allowed because the city council and police do not respect civil rights.
Citizens are not allowed to question the city council police department or administration if you do expect to be prosecuted.
During the allowed 3 minutes some citizens are allowed the council does not pay attention or even look up pretending to be busy. Very rude.

Golf course is still closed.

Doc Justice said...

The Mayor, Manager, and Chief of Police are all snakes.

I am the one they kicked out midspeech then arrested later on false pretenses, where the officer falsifed their arrest affidavits.

There is much evidence of their crimes on the FB page True Homestead.

They trespass people who speak put, and if you question that you are falsely arrested.

Some call it a snake pit, I refer to it as a den of cipers and theives.

Doc Justice said...

Video of my first recent false arrest.

Video showing Homestead officer John Monaco is a coward as well as a liar. Made after the second recent false arrest.

Doc Justice said...

Online article detailing kicking me put ofnthe July Homestead city council meeting.

Geniusofdespair said...

Well Hudstead never disappoints. Even the comment are full of fear fodder for new blog posts. What news organization are you with Eric? What were you talking about that offended them.

Anonymous said...

In their infinite wisdom the council moved the public comments section which were immediately following the call to order and prayer to the end of the meeting just prior to adjourning.
New buildings, same crap.

Anonymous said...

Allegedly they are investigating who said the vile comments on LEO Affairs. Cops investigating cops. Closeout was most likely written the same day the comments were made.

Anonymous said...

This blog just alerted Homestead that they have a snake problem.
I think they have a weasel problem but they know that. They feed those and keep them as pets.

Anonymous said...

The old South Miami Serpentarium has relocated to Homestead.

Anonymous said...

The origins of the blasting are unknown. Some blame the base, very unlikely.

Doc Justice said...

Geniusofdespair, I write for (PINAC).

I pointed out they abused an elderly lady and her disabled son, and lied on their arrest arrest forms. That they have at least 12 officers in violation of their nepotism policy. Thay the Chief is a criminal who has destroyed or coved up destruction of public records with corrupt intent multiple times. I also chastized Councilman Maldonado for talking crap about me in public for no reason.

Doc Justice said...

They are not investigating the vile comments said about my wife. Within 6 hours of their IA receiving my wifes complaint consisting of 67 pages of documentation, they said they see no connection to Homestead officers.

Yet they arrested me for a critical comment made against one of their officers with no proof it was me who made the comment. And with less circumstantial evidence than there is connecting their officers.

The cyberstalking injunction fuled by Officer John Monaco was dismisses on First Amendment grounds, and the ctiminal charges against me for cybertsalking and witness tampering were no actioned by the state attorney yesterday.

Doc Justice said...

They voted to move the comments to the end, so they could shut down dissent. In 2009 they voted toobe them to the beginning because they cared about citizens right to speak.

Three who voted in 2009, voted again in August. What a bunch of hypocrites!

They have illegally trespassed several people from city hall to silence us.

Anonymous said...

Homestead could never handle the truth about anything. They go out of their way to avoid the truth. They do not want body cameras on the police. Why would the council support that? They say it's financial because the cost to store the images would be too high in their words.
Incredible so it has nothing to do with illegal acts and screwing around on the clock. Yet they have all kinds of money to make dance videos starring the police. Knuckleheads.

Anonymous said...

South Opa-Locka.

Doc Justice said...

Homeatead is paying $50,000 per year in a contract to male these videos. The contractbwas awarded to the comlamy owned by the Mayor's assistant and his brother. You also have to factor in the cost of salary kf the brother and the wasted manhours. They have no problem spending tax dollars to promote themselves and their pet causes. Yet they won't spend a penny to fix their corruption problems, not will they allow you to address them.

Anonymous said...

Snakes are eating the weasels.
We need to save the weasels or you won't have anything to write about.

Anonymous said...

So how is the county storing their body camera digital images? Couldn't the Homestead police piggyback on that, perhaps even reducing the county's cost? Do people think anymore?

outofsight said...

Woe is me. I sat through a council meeting where the "public comments" disrupted the meeting (at the beginning) to the point where the city attorney forced them to suspend the meeting until everyone could be separated and cooled down off the dais.

Unless I miss my guess, it was the guy writing the comments above... because the 3 minute "put it on the record" rule spun out of control and nothing was accomplished by the speakers. They wasted my time... I would appreciate them being at the end, so I can leave when the meeting content is over.

I understand if there is wrong doing, they want it corrected, however, use the legal system, not shouting matches, to accomplish your goals.

The atmosphere in government sucks and on the streets as well. I want to be a hermit and not deal with the Left, the Right, the middle and all the other BS.

Anonymous said...

supporting Legal Aid? Isnt that a progressive cause?

Anonymous said...

The City Attorney should be fired. Commonly known as the fixer.
Just incredible how that firm operates in so many cities producing so many different opinions on the same subject. That's why such anarchy comes in the form of public comments in Doral and Homestead.
In house attorney is the way to go. If not the lawsuits will keep piling up.

Anonymous said...

That's Wayne, Mister Progressive. It's all about cash flow.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The City Attorney should be fired. Commonly known as the fixer.
Just incredible how that firm operates in so many cities producing
so many different opinions on the same subject. That's why such anarchy comes in the form of public comments in Doral and Homestead.
In house attorney is the way to go. If not the lawsuits will keep piling up.

October 14, 2016

For 1-1/2 to 2 million dollars per year, you can get any opinion you are looking for.
They welcome the lawsuits,
it drives the cost of litigation. The "firm" gets a lot of money from this council.
Do you believe their loyalty is with the beleaguered taxpayer? Not likely!!

Between the campaign donors / developers and lawyers, they like the political status quo.
It benefits them to have elected officials in place that will feed the machine. That's why the incumbents
rack up big donors and PAC's for a small municipal election. Remember, one council person
ran unopposed with a pretty big war chest.

Who knows, maybe there will be more revelations regarding corruption and cover up in the coming months or year.
Stay vigilant, you never know what's around the corner.