Thursday, October 20, 2016

Democratic Candidate Nick Duran has Sugar and Industry Ties. By Geniusofdespair

Poison Endorsements. We have written 33 times about AIF.
Nick Duran the Dem State House option for District 112 is backed by Fla Chamber and AIF, FPL (through Florida Standing United PC), TECO, a number of sugar growers, and U.S. Sugar through its affiliate Southern Gardens Grove Corp., which he identifies as being a "garden services" company on his filing.

We hate AIF here at Eye on Miami and FPL and Big Sugar.  Not good. A Democrat???

This is Jose Javier Rodriguez's House Seat (Jose is running for State Senate).  If I had it to do over I might vote for the Republican Rosa Palomino (I already voted however).


Anonymous said...

I still get to vote! I think Rosa is bull sugar approved. Duran was not, last I checked.

Little Havana Parent said...

Rosy Palomino has got my vote!

I know her. She has taught all 3 of my kids. She is a great teacher.

She'll make a great state rep.

Little Havana Parent

Anonymous said...

I remember Rosy from when she ran for city of Miami commissioner. She is smart, hard working and has a conscience.

I don't know Duran but what kind of Democrat has these supporters? I like Rosy. She's a breath of fresh air.

Anonymous said...

Congrats blogger, you voted for a big sugar, FPL loving environmental menace. Way to lead by example.

Anonymous said...