Saturday, October 29, 2016

Coral Gables Early Voting October 28th. By Geniusofdespair

I remember the lines during early voting in previous elections. I would offer people bottled water on line. They were waiting an hour or two. Now I am observing no lines, actually drips and drabs of people. Maybe because they doubled the amount of sites. Maybe because fewer people are voting early. I chalk it up to the bizarre rain-a-phobia almost all Floridians suffer from: "Look  Sarah, a cloud." "Oh, Jose, don't go out it might rain." "RAIN!!! OMG NO!"

This rain is so good for the Zika virus to spread. That is better reason NOT to go out.

Anyway here are some photos taken yesterday at 4pm or thereabouts (AND REMEMBER TO VOTE NO ON AMENDMENT 1):

Entrance to voting area Coral Gables Library on Segovia.

Yes there was one.

Mo Abety running for School Board.  I voted for Mo. It was nice to meet him in person.

Maria Rojas, the Mayors sister-in-law, running for School Board against Mo.

Miguel De La Portilla running for State Senate against my choice: JOSE JAVIER RODRIGUEZ


Anonymous said...

Coral Gables is one of the top producers of early votes in the county. They rank second place so far in votes cast. On the 28th 1,798 people voted there. The senior citizen with the sign is probably being paid a little money to sit there with the sign all day. Elections are a small cottage industry, and needy people who are connected make a little money in the process. Don't get me wrong, some people make a lot of money that is not performance-based.

Anonymous said...

Coral Gables doubled the voting machines to 100.. There are no lines because of increased capacity. Great place to vote. Come on down. Library is open too today so you can pick up a book or movie, too!

Anonymous said...

Once I spoke to Mo at a cafe and he seemed like a really nice serious guy

Anonymous said...

Mo is a community infrastructure person. Over many decades in different administrative roles involving human services delivery, he has been there to make sure things actually happen in this community. He is one of the critical links in this community who has been there in good times, bad times, and in between times.. No matter what this community faced, or was confronted with, he was always there to get the job done. Electing him on the Board, means one of our infrastructure people will be there to address whatever comes up.