Wednesday, October 26, 2016

CDC CHAIRMAN: We don't have the Technology to Stop Zika Virus. By Geniusofdespair

No Hope on Zika - CDC Chairman Tom Frieden

The CDC Chairman -- the highest level official -- admits all the spraying and other crap we are doing to eradicate the aedes aegypti mosquito will not stop the Zika Virus from spreading. According to the Miami Herald he (Tom Frieden- head of the CDC) said:

Zika will become Endemic.

Welcome to global warming folks. We now have the climate that particular mosquito likes. When we could have stopped it, the County had no funding -- thank you Carlos Gimenez -- Mr. "come from behind" on all problems -- because now it is too late. VOTE FOR RAQUEL REGALADO.


Anonymous said...

It is warming up for sure. Scientists just noticed that in August the largest iceberg in decades broke off from a North American glacier. It is getting hotter. We don't need to wait until we have a huge population of Zika babies. We need strategies now.

Anonymous said...

Watch what happens when Zika is found on Star Island or Indian Creek.

Anonymous said...

WHY does county/city run sprinklers during rainy season and maintain Bromeliads?
Why does county/city not enforce its ordinance and go 'door to door' and stop citizens from running sprinklers during rainy season that fill up their Bromeliads?

Favorite NPR caller: 'If I had known Zika mosquito was trapped across street from my house I would have removed my Bromeliads'.

Hey genius, guess where the Zika mosquito came from!

It ALL reflects a total failure by GOP city and county leadership.

Anonymous said...

To control Zika mosquitos Trump will build a giant fly swatter and Marco Rubio will sponsor a bill to sanction them until they die.