Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Update on yesterday's post on State's Increase of Toxic Chemical Levels in Water Bodies. By Geniusofdespair

 The administrative law judge ruled THE SEMINOLE TRIBE OF FLORIDA; CITY OF MIAMI; FLORIDA PULP AND PAPER ASSOCIATION ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS,INC.; AND MARTIN COUNTY had no standing to object to the rule change for water quality standards as they missed the deadline. What crap. You might wonder why Pulp and Paper is there. They want even more lenient toxic chemical standards and would like time to argue for that.  (Link to yesterday's post). Excerpt from yesterday's post (unfortunately the outcome was not good):
The hearing on DEP’s efforts to dismiss all four petitioners who are challenging the proposed human health based toxics criteria was held last Wednesday and did not disappoint us in any way. Judge Canter with the Division of Administrative Hearings did his best to get all the legal arguments and factual information out on the table so he can go off in a quiet corner of his office (I’m guessing here) and try to sort it all out and make some sense of it.

After three hours of mostly intelligent discussion, the judge ruled that the case is on hold (abated) until he issues a written order on DEP’s motions to dismiss.
Here is how the judge summed it up:

Judges order of dismissal
In the judges footnotes he noted this...was this a flaw in the petitioners argument that could have changed the outcome?

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