Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Two Best Investigative Reporters on Issues Important to Me. By Geniusofdespair

Of course, Carol Marbin Miller is a genius at stories too painful for me to read. She writes about neglected adults and children in State care that are abused. There are very good Miami Herald and Nuevo Herald reporters I am glossing over. But Enrique Flor of El Nuevo Herald and Monique O. Madan of the Miami Herald top the list as investigative reporters on late breaking news that I like to read.

Enrique Flor

Enrique Flor was one of the last reporters recruited by the great Editor Manny Garcia (who since went to Naples and now is Executive Editor for USA Today network).  Manny taught his reporters well and did not stifle them like some of the Editors at the Herald now.

Brenda Medina also deserves credit for great reporting at El Nuevo Herald. She is to be commended for her follow-up. What a team El Nuevo Herald has!

Monique O. Madan
Monique O. Madan has been uncovering the dirt in South Miami Dade County. She is good with using her community sources. Monique can spot a story when she sees one. Young, but Monique seems to be on a straight road to success in a very difficult profession.

News today is determined not on its worthiness but by how many clicks of the mouse a story can get. Shameful. Well, that is how we bloggers do our posts sometimes, but the newspapers -- you would think that they operate at a higher standard.


Anonymous said...

Enrique Flor is a great investigative reporter and a very caring human being. Brenda Medina is also not far behind. The problem the two have at the Herald is their boss Miriam Marquez. Marquez is a Gimenez fan and routinely curtails any reporting critical of our mayor. If they would ever cut these two reporters loose there would be no absentee ballot fraud nor contract fraud in this county

Anonymous said...

Do you ever see any critical articles in the Herald regarding State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle?
Let's add Joseph Centorino and Mary Cagle into the mix.
How many times will the clock run out on the investigations run by the SAO, the COE or the OIG?