Saturday, September 03, 2016

Contempt: How Fox News, Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump Exploited All Of Us ... Best Story of 2016 ... by gimleteye

Who else who undertake to violate civil society in the United States, except a person who was willing to use sexual coercion to accumulate power?

Wake up, Miami. Wake up, Florida. Trump TV is coming your way once the least qualified person to ever be president of the United States is done and finished in November.

Never forget who exploited the United States these long decades or the politicians who fawned over Fox News. Like Marco Rubio.

The list begins with Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes and corporate advertisers who didn’t give a flying fuck so long as gullible eyeballs stayed glued to the emergencies they promoted, appealing to base instincts.

New York Magazine writer Gabriel Sherman led the pack reporting out the Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch and the Fox News cesspool.

"The Revenge of Roger’s Angels: How Fox News women took down the most powerful, and predatory, man in media", By Gabriel Sherman is a must read.


"Over the past two months, I interviewed 18 women who shared accounts of Ailes’s offering them job opportunities if they would agree to perform sexual favors for him and for his friends. In some cases, he threatened to release tapes of the encounters to prevent the women from reporting him. “The feeling I got in the interview was repulsion, power-hungriness, contempt, violence, and the need to subjugate and humiliate,” says a woman who auditioned for Ailes in 1968 when she was a college student."

"A former television producer described an interview with Ailes in 1975, in which he said: “If you want to make it in New York City in the TV business, you’re going to have to fuck me, and you’re going to do that with anyone I tell you to."

"Karem Alsina, a former Fox makeup artist, told me she grew suspicious when Fox anchors came to see her before private meetings with Ailes to have their makeup done. “They would say, ‘I’m going to see Roger, gotta look beautiful!’ ” she recalled. “One of them came back down after a meeting, and the makeup on her nose and chin was gone.”

"Ailes’s ouster has created a leadership vacuum at Fox News. Several staffers have described feeling like being part of a totalitarian regime whose dictator has just been toppled. “No one knows what to do. No one knows who to report to. It’s just mayhem,” said a Fox host. As details of the Paul, Weiss investigation have filtered through the offices, staffers are expressing a mixture of shock and disgust."

"Many people I spoke with believe that the current management arrangement is just a stopgap until the election. “As of November 9, there will be a bloodbath at Fox,” predicts one host. “After the election, the prime-time lineup could be eviscerated. O’Reilly’s been talking about retirement. Megyn could go to another network. And Hannity will go to Trump TV."

"Last week, the shareholder law firm Scott & Scott announced it was investigating 21st Century Fox to “determine whether Fox’s Officers and Directors have breached their fiduciary duties."


Anonymous said...

It is clear since the conventions, Trump has been setting up the framework for Trump TV. All the money he is raising for the campaign is going to one Trump company or the other. He is using his power as nominee to open doors and get access into places that might be difficult for a typical business person to gain entry. So, Mexico, Black and Hispanic communities look good. It works good for his run for the Presidency, and for viewers of his new TV station.

That his buddy preyed on these women for sex, is not surprising. Maybe Trump did the same thing with his Trump Modeling Agency where we know illegal young women were taken advantage of financially. Remember the saying "Birds of a feather, flock together".

Anonymous said...

Twenty million. . . That is a lot of sexual harassment. . . . I wonder about the women in lower level positions . . Secretaries, clerks, technicians, maids, interns. . .?