Friday, September 09, 2016

Breaking News: Judge William Thomas Decides that Petitioners Could Not be Stopped by Evil County Commissioners. By Geniusofdespair

Judge undoes what evil lurks at County Hall. Yesterday Commissioners decided not to put a petition on the ballot. Today a judge decided they were wrong to do that.  Four Commissioner voted right: Jordan, Levine-Cava, Suarez and Monestime. The rest are turkeys. Really.

Rubio would not blue slip Judge William Thomas for the Federal Bench. But Judge Thomas did a solid for the citizens with the campaign finance reform initiative (I heard he gave both sides a thorough grilling):

If there is a question, the Charter should ALWAYS be interpreted liberally in favor of the citizens. It says that in the charter stupid commissioners.

From the Charter

What is wrong with Juan Zapata? Is he having a melt-down. He wants to give Joe Martinez legs? They both are certifiable. This commission is so dumb they will probably make Martinez the chair. It should be the ethically challenged Bovo. Although more fun: Souto. Commission meetings would last 15 hours all the time. and we could have a shot every time he said Cuba -- we would all be drunk every commission meeting.

How about the X man? They would never vote for him.

Breaking News:
Oops the County filed an appeal. These commissioners are really guarding their turf. All you commissioners stop deluding yourself that you are helping us. "This Government has been created to protect the governed not the governing." Every few years the charter review committee rewrites it NOT TO BENEFIT THE PEOPLE. The Commissioners appoint the committee.


Anonymous said...

These are the Nay-Saying Nine. Together, they comprise a total 127(!) years of entrenchment at County Hall:

Dennis Moss (23 years in office)
Javier Souto (23 years)
Bruno Barreiro (18 years)
Rebeca Sosa (15 years)
Pepe Diaz (14 years)
Sally Heyman (14 years)
Audrey Edmonson (11 years)
Esteban Bovo (5 years)
Juan Zapata (4 years)

At least we voted in term limits a few years ago. Just think how much longer many of these 9 oligarchs might have tried to hang on to power if we HADN’T approved limits!

Anonymous said...

Remember that the County Attorneys work for the Commissioners.