Sunday, August 07, 2016

The Breathless Robocall to Mayoral Voters in Miami Dade County. By Geniusofdespair

The Robo-call is screeching about Raquel committing fraud! Doesn't give her much time to respond with the election already in progress. She was expecting a last ditch effort to smear her.

Yes, Raquel Regalado owes property taxes on a house she owns 10% of. The woman Regalado is renting a house from owes Homestead taxes on it since the woman renting it to her isn't living there. That of course is not Raquel's problem and has nothing to do with her but somehow that fact is included in an article in the Miami Herald.

Al Crespo, who admits he has a vendetta against Mayor Regalado did the research. I asked him months ago when he started attacking Raquel, to also to do research on Mayor Gimenez. He admitted he didn't know that much about his record. He didn't. If he had he might have uncovered some unsavory behavior going on there. Al is that good.

It is true that Carlos Gimenez's son threatened school board candidates in a belligerent manner not to run in - - one school board candidate confirmed to me he was threatened with bodily harm "I am going to pound you into the ground" -- he was told, for running against Carlos Gimenez's Jr.'s aunt. Gimenez Aunt is running for school board, Raquel Regalado's seat. She is the sister-in-law of the Mayor and she has wads and wads of money to run. I am not going for tit for tat. And I don't excuse Raquel. I only wish Al Crespo looked into Carlos Gimenez the same way he did to people like Katherine Fernandez Rundle and Mayor Tomas Regalado.

To me a threat of bodily harm is much worse than owing money in muddled home ownership with a brother and an x-husband. Raquel said that: "The homestead issue is really about the rights my ex-husband had to claim the property. No one called me or asked me anything. I'm going to take my divorce records and foreclosure records and clear it up I haven't done anything wrong. I got divorced and I had a foreclosure. This is really about an incumbent who is a bully and doesn't want to go into a runoff in November because he supports Donald Trump and is going to lose."

I find that Mayor Carlos Gimenez's weakening of the Domestic Violence unit, after he and his son were accused in a Domestic Violence case, much more disturbing:
The Domestic Violence Unit is currently under attack by our department's management acting under the orders of Mayor Carlos Gimenez. The latest dog and pony trick is they are forcing all of our civilians to remain on standby during off duty hours in the event case research or any other information is needed in the bureau. In the past such functions would be handled by an on-call, in overtime, now it's another responsibility and a chance to disrupt our personal lives. The bottom line intent is to create enough of an upheaval in an employee's life to force him/her resign and reduce the department's budget. We are all for working hard and being responsible for our jobs but this administration cares little about its employees. Your district or bureau is next.
Raquel Regalado says she didn't do anything wrong, especially to deserve a last minute Robo Call accusing her of fraud. 

My questions yesterday were, was the Gimenez campaign taking money from foreign firms like Genting (Malaysian) and the American Dream Mall Conglomerate (Canadian). Anyone want to address that?

Do I still support Raquel Regalado. Yes, I still support her. I know that a woman raising an autistic child and having gone through a contentious divorce can rack up financial debt. Carlos Gimenez, with 3 pensions from the public dole and $150,000 a year as Mayor, he is lucky he does not have to worry about finances like the rest of us.

Fire Department Pension - Doesn't he also get a City Manager Pension (maybe not there long enough Manny Diaz dumped him), A County Commissioner Pension and a County Mayor's Pension?