Monday, August 01, 2016

I don't know the difference, because measure ONE is meant to confuse you: All I know is VOTE 4 in August. By Geniusofdespair


Florida Tax Exemptions for Renewable Energy Measure, Amendment 4 (August 2016) - We will be voting on this in August: VOTE YES. We are in favor of 4.
S M A R T   S O L A R
This is the bad one --- on the ballot already in November. Amendment "No" One. Look at who is paying for one:

Florida Right to Solar Energy Choice Initiative, also known as Amendment 1

This was a very nasty thing to do to the citizens. They make 1 sound good - it is not.


Anonymous said...

Nr 1 is quite clear, from the point of view of el power Co

"Rights of electricity consumers" that would be all of us slaves tide to this monopoly corporation.

"Regarding Solar energy choice" well, the choice up to now for us has been to pay they're bill or sit in the dark. In Europe consumers have the "choice" to pay a higher fee for solar power, delivered trough the same wire. With existing laws, FPL could "bless" us with their monopoly produced solar power gawd knows from where.

See, crony capitalism at it's best. Now let's all sing the song from GE at Disney Land .............................

Anonymous said...

So which vote is for us? Yes and then no OR no and then yes?

Anonymous said...

Vote YES in August, vote NO in November. Easy enough.

Alexandria said...