Friday, August 26, 2016

Getting Robo-Calls? Hang Up on Them. By Geniusofdespair

A stealth PAC or ECO hidden and not registered is attacking Raquel Regalado. Illegal. Hang up. Dirty Politics.

The most recent robo call against Mayoral Candidate Raquel Regalado originated from a Committee called the Committee for Integrity, Inc. out of Tampa. The address is one of those mailbox offices. The incorporator of the company doing the call is Daniel Silverman. The company was formed 5/30/2016. I cannot find any PAC, Committee or ECO records on it to see where they get their money.

They also sent a stupid mailer linking Raquel Regalado to Donald Trump. Hey, she didn't try to let him manage a public golf course on Key Biscayne, that was Mayor Gimenez! Typical for elections.

Typepad also wrote about Committee for Integrity yesterday and the phony Trump connection to Raquel:
Regalado has no known ties to Trump. She has said that, even though she's a Republican, she won't vote for him. It's Gimenez -- who also won't vote for Trump -- who has met Trump, golfed with him and tried to work out a deal for Trump to run a county-owned golf course. Gimenez's son Carlos J. Gimenez also lobbies on behalf of Trump National Doral.


Anonymous said...

WHERE are the enforcement mechanism, prosecutions for the bad doers?

Anonymous said...

Ask Hillary, Comey and Lynch.

Anonymous said...

They are forbidden to investigate any of them. These are orders that come from Mayor Gimenez, passed down to the Police Chief, and on down the chain of command. The actual investigators would love to catch these "bad doers".

Anonymous said...

Today's mailer has a half Trump, half Regalado face. Hey Gimenez team, this makes YOU look irrational, not her.

Her email today nails the macho-think tank tactics:

"During my campaign to become the next Mayor of Miami-Dade County, I have had only one debate with the incumbent office holder. The rules of the debate required we ask each other a question. He declined to ask me a question on live TV, because I am a woman. He did not think he could ask me a question without being offensive. The shortcomings in his character, his inability to engage with a woman as an equal, were by his own admission. We deserve better.

This important local political race should be about the strength of our ideas, not a referendum on gender equality. Unfortunately, there is a sexist undercurrent to this campaign that continues to surface. The insults and innuendo suggesting I am not qualified to do this job, a position that has only been filled by men, only strengthens my resolve to win this race."

Anonymous said...

Look, she's no angel either. We're not for her, and appear on as we "Like" a video she's posted on Facebook. Our names appear on the title of this video, and on a video of her father. The video is posted several times a day, and I cringe when I see my name on the title, saying I liked this. BTW, there's no confusion of names, as I press over my name & my fb page comes out. We already voted for Gimenez! She plays dirty.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting my above comment; I, for sure, didn't think you would (as we know you back her).
What I wrote is the truth. Thanks again.