Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August 20th, Big Sugar Summit 2 by Sierra Club in West Palm Beach ... by gimleteye

The 2nd Sierra Club Summit on Big Sugar is to be held this weekend in West Palm Beach. Congratulations to Sierra Club: unflinching before Florida's most damaging special interest. Proud to be a longtime member.

UPDATE: Full Agenda has just been released. View it HERE.

Big Sugar's influence and impact on Florida and its citizens are felt from the Panhandle to the Keys.  In the Sunshine State there is no more powerful lobbying force than Big Sugar.  The industry pollutes our water and air, stands in the way of Everglades restoration, makes us sick, and owns way too many Florida politicians.
Because last year’s Big Sugar Summit was so successful, we’re gathering once again to pull the curtain back on the sugar industry.  
Big Sugar Summit 2 on August 20 will take us deeper into the Big Sugar world and closer to our goal of cutting Big Sugar down to size. 
Check out the full agenda HERE 
Registration begins at 8:30 am.  
Program begins at 9 am. 
Lunch and coffee breaks are included in the registration fee of $20. 
Breakout discussion sessions will be offered twice; signup for each will be on a first come, first served basis so please arrive early to sign in and sign up.
Breakout topics:  St. Lucie estuary, Caloosahatchee estuary, Everglades National Park and Florida Bay, pre-harvest sugar cane burning, state/local-level political influence, the Federal Sugar Program, health impacts, and the economic future of residents in the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA).
Organizations and businesses represented on the speaker list include:  1000 Friends of Florida, American Bakers Association, Bullsugar.org, Caloosahatchee Riverwatch, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Dragonfly Expeditions, Earthjustice, Emerald Brand, Everglades Foundation, Everglades Trust, Earthjustice, Florida House Institute, Florida Oceanographic Society, Indian Riverkeeper, Institute for Responsible Nutrition, League of Women Voters Florida, National Parks Conservation Association, and Sierra Club. Other noted speakers include Martin County Commissioner Sarah Heard, Former Florida State Representative S. Curtis Kiser, Florida State Representative Mark Pafford, and Hendry County Commissioner Karson Turner.
Free parking is available in front and back of the hotel.
Questions? Contact the organizer:  Cris Costello, cris.costello@sierraclub.org, (941) 914-0421 
Registration/ticket is transferrable if you confirm transfer with organizer by email.

Embassy Suites West Palm Beach - 1601 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33406


Unknown said...

Shared on 25 pages on Facebook - this is a very important event as it was last time - I will be working the Reservation Desk so Ill see you there!!

Unknown said...

Great event!
Let us continue the dialogue - Lets talk Florida AG / Lets talk Run-Off