Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Do You Know Anything About Your State Rep and Senator? By Geniusofdespair

I have been asking around, no one seems to know who is representing them at the State level...and frankly they don't care much either. Well CARE! With redistricting, all the seats are being voted on. 

I would say educate yourself, but I am laughing too hard. Like that is going to happen. Just vote for Rick Scott...oops he isn't running.

Here is who is running in Miami Dade County (Look at the back of your voter registration card to see your State Senate and State Rep District, note do not look at an old card, only a new one):

35 Braynon II, Oscar (DEM)
36 Garcia, Rene (REP)
Peralta, Anabella Grohoski (DEM)
37 Christian, Mercedes (NPA)
Diaz de la Portilla, Miguel
Rodriguez, Jose Javier (DEM)
38 Blemur, Anis (DEM)
Brutus, Phillip J. (NPA)
Burns, Kevin A. (DEM)
Campbell, Daphne (DEM)
Festge, Don (DEM)
Gongora, Michael (DEM)
Pizzo, Jason (DEM)
39 Artz, Brent (WRI)
Flores, Anitere (REP)
Mucarsel-Powell, Debbie (DEM)
40 Artiles, Frank (REP)
Bullard, Dwight M. (DEM)
Jimenez, Mario (NPA)
Korge, Andrew (DEM)
Logan, Ana Rivas (DEM)
Perez, Missalys (DEM)


105 Moreno, Patricio (DEM)
Trujillo, Carlos (REP)
106 Ballo, Nick (REP)
Hiller, Georgia A. (REP)
Kirkpatrick, Lavigne Ann (REP)
Maguire, Connor (WRI)
Rommel, Bob (REP)
107 Estime-Irvin, Mary (DEM)
Watson, Barbara A. (DEM)
108 Collie-Echoles, Taj (DEM)
Delica, Fayola (DEM)
Duge, Moise (DEM
Hardemon, Roy (DEM)
Menes, Francesca "Fran" (DEM)
Patel, Henry (DEM)
Steril, Marie Erlande (DEM)
109 Stafford, Cynthia A. (DEM)
110 Oliva, Jose (REP)
Puentes Sr, Carlos A. (DEM)
111 Avila, Bryan (REP)
Miyar, Sevi (DEM)
112 Davey, Michael W. (REP)
Duran, Nicholas X. (DEM)
Faura-Morales, Waldo (DEM)
Palomino, Rosa Maria "Rosy" (REP)
113 Parker, Jonathan H. (REP)
Richardson, David (DEM)
Valdes, Rey (DEM)
114 Baez, Daisy J. (DEM)
Couriel, John D. (REP)
Santana, Alberto L. (DEM)
115 Bileca, Michael (REP)
Hancock, Ross (DEM)
Solomon, Jeffrey Doc (DEM)
116 Diaz, Jose Felix (REP)
Rassner, Heath (DEM)
117 McGhee, Kionne L. (DEM)
118 Asencio, Robert (DEM)
Bell, Lynda (REP)
Pria, Carlos (REP)
Rivera, David (REP)
Rodriguez, Anthony (REP)
Rojas Tallon, Steven A. (REP)
119 Nunez, Jeanette M. (REP)
Pinell, Jeniffer (DEM)
120 Diaz, Kevin (DEM)
Horton, Dan (DEM)
Raschein, Holly (REP)

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