Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What is going on in the County Commission District 11 race? By Geniusofdespair

Juan Zapata, the incumbent, did not raise any money in May. I never saw that before. Another guy enters the race and you stop fundraising?

His opponent Joe Martinez meanwhile, is getting money from PAC's. Very bad sign. This is certainly the race to watch. Greater Florida Leadership PAC has Ron Book and Heritage Insurance ($20,000) as major contributors. The PAC Veterans for Conservation Principles is once again Heritage Insurance. They gave to Frank Artiles as well as Joe Martinez. They also got $25,000 from the Florida Roundtable.  The Committee for Justice Transportation... is again Heritage Insurance of Clearwater,  also Florida Leadership Committee and Florida Blue (Blue Cross). A lawyer in Tallahassee is giving a lot: Timothy Meenan. His lawfirm focuses on Insurance Regulation. This PAC is also giving to Miguel Diaz de la Portilla in his State Senate Campaign.  Strong Communities of SW FL is also Heritage Insurance. This PAC is also giving to Joe Martinez and Miguel Diaz de la Portilla.  Citizens for Principles Leader...can you guess who gave to them. If you guessed Heritage Insurance you would be right. They have also given to Miguel Diaz de la Portilla.

What does this Insurance company  want so desperately in Miami Dade County?

Are they both depending on PAC money? Joe Matinez also has an ECO and the ECO Together for a Brighter future has raised $67,000 mostly from bad pennies, Edward Easton and Wayne Rosen. I have written plenty on these two:


Anonymous said...

Pay to play: it's the American Way.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting. Joe Martinez is looking worse and worse, if that was even possible.

Anonymous said...

Martinez who told environmental activists from the Hold the Line campaign that they were hypocrites because they didn't live in trees.

Quite the philosopher that guy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe because Martinez isn't such a great philosopher because didn't try to take 30K and go to Harvard like Zapata did.

I'm glad hat you are looking at Martinez reports, but if you take a look at Zapata's you'll see LOTS of developers and development related money there, maybe they don't give him more because they already reached their limit with him.