Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Powerful Player: Stephen Bittel of Miami Beach. By Geniusofdespair

Stephen Bittel is one of those really powerful people in Miami Dade County who keeps a low visibility; He is a commercial real estate maven and owns Terranova Corporation. According to Politico Florida, he has a "$1 billlion dollar portfolio full of retail and office buildings". His own office is in an unassuming building on Miami Beach which is nicknamed "The Fortress of Democracy" by Democratic consultants who use offices there.

Bittel can give money in a flash. If it suits him. He likes to highlight his influence: "The County Commissioners come to me when I call, I don't go to them." But his sphere of influence is not really local.  He gives plenty to Democrats and their causes.

Unlike fellow billionaire Norman Braman who spent millions on the failed presidential bid of presidential candidate Marco Rubio, Bittel keeps a low public profile. Power brokers come to him.


Anonymous said...

The major real estate fraud takes place in condominiums. If you are legitimate you will stay out of residential condominium development. Miami Beach doesn't have any zoning laws that are enforceable so it is a perfect place to set up shot for commercial development. Miami Beach is easy cheese when it comes to development. You won't find anything thing on anybody who does dealing with Miami Beach because they always give everything away in the end.

Anonymous said...

Stephen is the Democratic Party's secret weapon. But he's not only a big Democratic supporter, he is a strong supporter of the community especially education. But you'll never hear it because it's not about the praise or flash, it's about the passion for service and the community

Anonymous said...

What last anon. said!