Monday, May 02, 2016

Have an Appointment at Bascom Palmer in Miami? Bring a Sleeping Bag Because They Suck at Keeping Appointments. By Geniusofdespair

I have had numerous appointments at Bascom Palmer Eye Hospital and never waited UNDER 3 hours. Below is their guidelines on how to treat patients: AIDET or Edward Norton's Law. Trust me. Norton's Law is totally ignored by everyone. And the Duration thing, that is a laugh and a half. If I knew how long I had to wait, I would go downstairs and hang out with the homeless people all over the streets. It would be better than sitting in a stupid room pacing back and forth waiting to be called.  Here is a tip Bascom Palmer: Don't make appointments if you are not going to keep them. Perhaps you need a workshop on what an appointment is. I am going back the end of the week, if I had a real job I would be up shits creek with a three hour appointment.

Worst thing: If the Doctor has a bunch of interns with him/her, you will be totally ignored. He just talks to them and you are almost a nuisance sitting in the chair, as they discuss your case in front of you but no one addresses you directly. I felt like a prop.


Anonymous said...

moral is: keep an eye out for Bascom...

gw said...

There isn't anywhere else that can provide the service you need at Bascom Palmer? You must have the patience of a saint to wait three hours for an appointment.

I would be in jail for what I might do if I was left waiting three hours. Ironically, I bet the eye care that I could get there would be just fine.

Seriously, I hope you can find somewhere else to go.

Anonymous said...

I have an eye condition that is serious enough that I suffer the indignity of Bascom Palmer often. My record is 7 hours. That's *with* an appointment. I usually get out of the eye ER faster. At least my doctor is nice. I routinely complain and never get a response.

cyndi said...

Today Jay Cashmere from WPTV did a piece quoting marco rubio and doug "its the septic tanks smith. blaming our issues on the septic talocks.nks. I wept.

They need a name. I call them the deniers. In their minds septic from downstream magically makes its way upstream. Then it hops over the st lucie locks then is comes out the locks.
then when it gets here its fine. its an organic tannin that will not hurt any of us. It's like fairy dust. except it brown like the morning bowl.
Last night at the debate someone said we don't need the land, the discharges are not hurting us, we need to look north of the lake and we need to think about water farming in the holey lands.