Sunday, April 03, 2016

An Alumnus Responds to Florida Gov. Rick Scott's Suggestion That Yale Should Move To Florida ... by gimleteye

'Yale - No': University Responds To Scott's Recruitment Pitch" popped into the Eye On Miami mailbox this week. A WFSU report by Lynn Hatter provoked this response from a Yale alumnus in Miami: "As a Yale graduate in Florida, I could not endorse Gov. Rick Scott tongue-in-cheek recommendation to move Yale to Florida."
WFSU reported: "Governor Rick Scott has made a habit of trying to poach companies from other states and get them to set up in Florida. Now he’s going after a major university — Yale. Yale has declined the offer to move to Florida."

Eye On Miami sought out a Yale graduate to respond. "Judging from the fact the state of Florida is ringed by water pollution like a toilet bowl with scum," the Yale alumnus said, "Our state is actually leading the race to the bottom: good for crabs and other crustaceans, but for mammals -- not so much."

WFSU reported, "... Scott used the school as a way to highlight what he believes is a better business climate in this state." The Yale alumnus thought for a moment, a skill acquired at Yale, and told Eye On Miami;
Instead of persuading Yale to move to Florida, I propose that Yale move Rick Scott to Connecticut. Since Yale's endowment is over $10 billion, the state legislature in Connecticut could levy a millage tax of .001 percent to a Rick Scott Relocation Fund. As a Yale alumnus, I can't think of a better use of the Yale endowment. This kind of public service is what distinguishes Yale amongst its Ivy competition. Once relocated, Connecticut could find a suitable skill for Florida's former governor (beyond pleading the Fifth); tasking him to bring under control abnormally high feral cat populations in Hartford, the licensing of dog kennels in Old Lyme, and instituting regulations to protect chicken farmers from the avian flu.

Go Bulldogs!

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