Friday, March 25, 2016

Daphne Campbell: How Dare You Run Against State Senator Gwen Margolis? By Geniusofdespair

Daphne Campbell at the swearing-in of a Republican.

The absolute worst Democrat ever serving in the Florida House is running against Senator Gwen Margolis in State Senate District 38. Democrats: Avoid Daphne Campbell like the plague in the primary. Why? (see my previous post) (also see my OTHER previous post)

If you are Black and do not want to vote for a White candidate for whatever reason, then support Phillip Brutus, just do not vote for Daphne Campbell.  Sorry Phillip, although I like you very much I will be supporting the incumbent Gwen Margolis.


Anonymous said...

She is someone NOT to vote for. African Americans: Do not vote for her just because she is black please.

Anonymous said...

I live in Daphne's district. I don't like that she has drawn largely lackluster competing candidates. I do fear that Gwen will be knocked off simply by the demographics of the district. The electorate here is not very bright when it comes to picking candidates. Unfortunately, they check the box for those they think are the best...simply...because.

Despite being an obvious carpetbagger, they elected Lucie as Mayor. SMDH

Anonymous said...

Her voters are mostly Haitian Americans. Haitians are Democrats on economic issues and Republicans on social. They are mostly indifferent on environmental issues. For good or bad that's how the cookie crumbles. There are three Haitians running for the State Senate seat mentioned. They will split the minority majority vote and hand the race to your candidate.

Unknown said...

Well. Well. How convenient it is to lump all Haitian-Americans in the same pile. Clearly, some of you don't feel that the District should elect the first Haitian-American senator. But Democracy is a beautiful thing.

For everyone's edification, the Haitian electorate is not as monolithic and unsophisticated as some of you want to make it. Not everyone in the Haitian Community supports Daphne Campbell. The same way, not everyone supports me either. But my opposition to Daphne Campbell is not based on race and gender. I just think we deserve better. We need to elevate the level of the discourse.

But sorry, I think that Senator Margolis, at 81 years of age, needs a well deserved retirement away from the hustle and bustle of Tallahassee. She won't have the energy to fight the good fight. This establishment insider business needs to stop. We need new blood, new ideas, a new direction. If y'all missed it, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump's surge is directly related to party insiders' resistance to embracing change. I have the formula to win this race and I can tell you one thing, I will do a much better job than Daphne Campbell and Gwen Margolis.

Thank you

Phillip J. Brutus

Geniusofdespair said...

Hey Phillip - nice to hear from you.

Unknown said...

Thank you Gemiusofdespair.

With me in the Senate, despair will be a thing of the past or I will die trying to make it so. In any event, I can assure you that Daphne Campbell cannot win anything in this community after I exposed her shameful sponsorship of House Bill 7131 in 2011. That bill sought to repeal Florida Statute 448.05 which makes it a felony for employers to refuse to provide seats to employees who work on their feet, when on break. Daphne Campbell clearly believes that these workers have no right.

To make matters worse, her argument for the repeal was that there have not been any arrests related to Fla. 448.05. That is as ridiculous as gets. She is clearly saying that if there are no reported arrests in a particular area of our criminal laws, say for child abuse, the anti-child abuse laws should be repealed. That is beyond ludicrous. I will make certain that every Labor Unjon and voter knows of her effort. The bill passed in the house but died in messages because the Senate had enough sense to kill such a bad bill. The only democrats who voted for the bill were Daphne Campbell and the Late John Patrick Julien a Democrat in Name only.

Lastly, I think that at 81 years of age, Senator Margolis needs to take a break and let new ideas and energy pick up from where she left. I guarantee you that I will bring Honor, respect, dignity and a keen intellect to this most important position. But most o
f all, I will represent everyone in the District, whether they voted for me or not. That is the essence of democracy.


Phillip J. Brutus